By Teresa Buschur

Life Changing Community

Twenty students have been attending a small group Bible study at Bucknell University—Lewisburg, PA. Students are studying the Scriptures and considering what it means to integrate their faith into every aspect of their lives.

Students are also meeting outside the weekly Bible study sessions to enjoy fellowship during movie nights and other social activities. The students involved are not only seeking to grow spiritually as they learn about the life of Christ, but also deeply desiring to invest in their relationships with one another. Students new to the study feel welcome and comfortable enough with the other members to invite their friends the second week they attend.

“To provide every student a chance to experience a life-changing Jesus,” is the vision statement that several students adopted, which is truly what this group seeks to do within their campus community. Members focus on reaching out to others on campus as they invite classmates and friends, even those who have never attended their Bible study, to movie nights and other community events.

“I came to Bucknell really hoping to find a Christian community that would encourage me in my walk with Christ,” a freshmen participant said. “Through InterVarsity, I met upperclassmen and staff who point me toward Jesus through their caring conversations with me and their worshipful lifestyle. Through the fellowship, I was able to connect with other students who have become some of my best friends. I am so thankful for the role that InterVarsity has played in my first semester at Bucknell and in my transition to college.”

InterVarsity wants to provide a place on campus where students can develop relationships with one another as they deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.




You can make a direct financial donation to support InterVarsity’s work at Bucknell University by following this link.