By Teresa Buschur

Life-Transforming Relationships

Returning students at Rutgers University in New Brunswick have welcomed thirty-five new students into their campus community this year.

During the annual Involvement Fair, InterVarsity students invited 1,300 students to their ice cream social. They also gave Frisbees to anyone who filled out contact cards, and they later called and invited these students to their weekly chapter meetings, small groups, and prayer meetings. Over 200 students attended the ice cream social.

Students were also invited to play Disc Golf with InterVarsity students, and the newcomers who participated attended several of InterVarsity’s campus activities.

Exploring further in small groups
During the first chapter meeting of the year, seven students made first-time commitments to follow Jesus as Lord after they heard about InterVarsity’s vision and how it seeks to model what the early church in the book of Acts established.

Several of these new believers are now active participants in the campus chapter, attending small groups, fall conference, and engaging in community service projects.

A group of ten students gather on Monday nights for Small Group. Nearly all of these participants are newcomers to campus, being invited into life-changing relationships with Christ through InterVarsity’s New Student Outreach events in the fall.

One participant, a new believer, said she “is finding more depth in my faith from the weekly study in the Gospel of John.” Another student once brought his homework to a meeting, intending to study, but was intrigued by the discussion and joined the small group instead.

Two freshmen members, upon their graduation in six years with Pharmacy degrees, plan to serve others and share the truth of Christ through world missions. Small Group has become a place for people to explore what they believe, no matter how far along on the faith journey they are.

Sharing the Good News with friends and roommates
Other learners actively share their faith with their peers on campus, wanting to help them develop life-transforming relationships with Jesus Christ. Josh, a freshman, began a Bible study with non-Christians. He decided upon coming to college that he would not hide his Christian faith and established an early morning prayer time.

His roommate grew curious and got up early one day to observe. Josh invited him to study the Scriptures with him, and his roommate said “yes.” Once they started, Josh asked if his roommate would be comfortable if others joined them. Now a group of non-Christian men from their dorm meet together weekly to pray and study God’s Word.

InterVarsity students eagerly share God’s Word of hope, grace, life, and truth as they invite newcomers into life-transforming relationships with Jesus Christ.




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