Northern Illinois University Shooting

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(Madison WI) —- Students from the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter at Northern Illinois University and students from Campus Crusade held a prayer vigil Thursday evening following a campus shooting. Five students were killed, and the shooter killed himself. An estimated 80 students participated in the vigil in a commons area near the residence halls. “It was something the students wanted to do, to get outside and have a presence on campus,” said InterVarsity campus staff worker Casey Beckley.

“We’ve been talking a lot in the chapter about incarnational ministry this year and being present with people,” Beckley added. He is encouraging InterVarsity students to remember that through their faith in Christ they have the source of hope and healing that their friends, and the whole campus, need at this time. “Lean into God so that others can lean into Him also,” he is telling the students.

InterVarsity president Alec Hill released the following statement:

Staff, students, and faculty of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA wish to express our condolences to the families of students who died from the killings on the Northern Illinois University campus on Thursday, February 14, 2008. Our prayers are for these families and for the injured students.
We are deeply saddened by such events on our American campuses, and we ask God to guide our Fellowship in bringing the life of Jesus Christ to colleges and universities.
Our thoughts and prayers are with students, faculty, and administrators at Northern Illinois University. May God comfort you and your families during this time of grief.

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