Reimagining Evangelism


The Reimagining Evangelism Curriculum Set
by Rick Richardson

Sometimes evangelism feels more like selling encyclopedias than sharing good news. But Rick Richardson believes it doesn’t have to be that way. And it really shouldn’t be that way, especially in today’s world. Instead of making a pitch, we need to make an invitation. Instead of relying so heavily on our witness, we need to rely on the witness of the holy spirit.

We may nod our heads in agreement with these notions, but sometimes figuring out what this evangelism as an invitation-to-a-spiritual-journey thing looks like on the street is tough.

Never fear! Rick has designed curriculum to help you reinvision, reunderstand and relearn how to do evangelism. The Reimagining Evangelism Curriculum Set includes the book, Reimagining Evangelism, a companion DVD and a Participant’s Guide. Together these resources combine to make a powerful seven-week program you can use in a small group setting.

You’ll study Reimagining Evangelism, and learn how we can redeem—indeed reimagine—what evangelism looks and feels like. And as you encorporate the companion DVD—which includes vignettes, conversations, role plays and animation—and Participant’s Guide, you’ll get practical opportunities to learn how to develop spiritual friendships with students and others.

Evangelism doesn’t have to be scary, painful or awkward. It can be as natural as an engaging conversation with a good friend. For more on the Reimagining Evangelism Curriculum Set, see