By Andrea Thomas

Renewed People on Campus

Andrea Thomas and her husband Jason are co-directors of InterVarsity’s Red River Region (Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas). In the last year, in addition to her job directing campus ministry, Andrea has fought a battle against breast cancer. Andrea, Jason, and their three children, live in Austin, Texas.

We enjoyed two amazing Rec Weeks from May 9-23, where 330 students and 32 staff gathered from around the region for training, vision-casting and Bible exposition. This year’s theme was “Renewed Campuses by Renewed People,” and we saw the Spirit of God move powerfully to change hearts and instill big campus vision.

Red River had a 26 percent increase in the number of students at camp. How we wish you could have witnessed the amazing ethnic diversity of our students worshiping together — Chinese, Pilipino, Latino, Black, White, Native-American, Middle Eastern, South Asian and others. What a great reflection of the Rev. 7:9 portrait of God’s people.

At Rec Week, at least five students made first-time commitments to Christ. Dozens committed to following Jesus as Lord and experienced deep personal renewal. One of these renewed students was Joel, who registered two days after returning from a year of duty in Iraq. At the beginning of the week, he wanted to talk with his staff about “not believing in God anymore.”

My dad, a Vietnam Vet, had a chance to talk with Joel, so my parents were thrilled to hear that he gave his life to Christ after they left! Joel returns to Texas Tech University in the fall.

Another, very personally moving moment came on Tuesday during Rec Week. First, 130 students came to the optional 7:30am prayer meeting, where they wrote the names of non-believing friends and family on a large poster, committing to pray for them to come to know Jesus. That evening Lisha shared her story of how she’d come to faith. When she said, “…and my name was on that poster last year,” I couldn’t help but cry.

On May 11, it was a Mother’s Day to never forget as my mom, Alayna and Jason listened while I delivered the most inspiring campus vision talk I’ve ever given, called a “Vision Worth Dying For” using Isaiah 61:1-4. Some students were weeping as I spoke. A year earlier I’d stood in Faith Hall and had given a similar talk to a room of people all wearing pink ribbons in support of me. Now a year later, I would be able to give testimony to God’s healing and victory. Glory be to God! We trust the Lord will renew our campuses.




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