Research on College Students and Faith

Facts & Trends, a publication of Lifeway Christian Resources, has some analysis on a new report from Pew Research that “shows the average college graduate is less religious than Americans with a high school degree or less. Unless that college graduate happens to be a Christian.”

To comment on the research, Facts & Trends sought out Greg Jao, who has served at many levels of InterVarsity’s campus ministry and currently is Senior Assistant to President Tom Lin.

Greg observed that college is the time when Christians often start making their own decisions about their faith. “By leaving and going to college,” he said, “they have to decide, ‘Do I still believe this and how will I continue to engage in this faith?’”

Read the Facts & Trends story here.

Read the Pew Research Center original report here.

Author and pastor James Emery White, an InterVarsity alumnus, commented on the Pew report on his Church and Culture blog.