Something Looks Different

By going to you can see a new design for the front page of our website and our centralized information pages. The new design is aimed at presenting InterVarsity’s campus ministry more smoothly and efficiently, especially to new visitors who are unfamiliar with InterVarsity.

The new design is an outgrowth of InterVarsity’s desire to be helpful and responsive to our friends and ministry partners. The web pages that get the most views are now the most efficient pages at presenting the information that best describes InterVarsity’s mission on campus.

This change is the first step in a process of web upgrades that will take place over the next few months. Some changes will be visible, some will not, as we integrate a new content management system. Our ultimate goal is to use the internet to its maximum advantage to tell the stories of InterVarsity, as we pursue our vision of transforming students and faculty, renewing the college campus, and developing world changers.

Let us know what you think.