By Alec Hill, president

Thanksgiving greetings from InterVarsity

For many of us it’s easy to be thankful in times of good fortune. But when the weather turns cold and cloudy and the wind is blowing in our faces, when misfortunes rattle our houses like successive gusts of wind, well, then, few of us are so mature that the first thing we do is rejoice in the Lord.

During difficult times, giving God thanks becomes a choice of faith. In the middle of a storm, rejoicing in God’s goodness requires us to remember all the blessings that God has given us over the years and to choose praising him, despite our feelings of insecurity.

Remembering Gods goodness increases our hope. And hope makes us unafraid.

This Thanksgiving Season, many of our friends and faithful donors are enduring financial stress. Together, let us remember the past times that God brought us through personal and national difficulties.

InterVarsity Staff and students give thanks for all our friends. And we wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving Day.