TIME's Frat Profile Showcases InterVarsity Ministry

In its May 9, 2005, issue TIME magazine once again reports on InterVarsity’s mission field, the college campus. Greek InterVarsity on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University is profiled, introducing readers to student spiritual leaders who are living a lifestyle that contrasts with the public image of fraternity and sorority party life.

At a time when university officials on many campuses are struggling with student alcohol abuse, often found on fraternity row, TIME’s article shows how some Christian students are living out their faith in fraternities and changing lives.

“This article is a brief taste of the unselfish heart of our students, which I believe is true brotherhood,” said Andy Dalton, director of Greek InterVarsity. Although fraternities and sororities commonly encourage a party-oriented campus culture, Greek InterVarsity staff are finding interest in Christian faith growing.

More than 1,800 fraternity and sorority students were involved in Greek InterVarsity across the country last year. In February more than 700 students participated in InterVarsity’s Greek conference in Indianapolis and over 250 attended the Greek conference in Charlotte, NC. InterVarsity’s first west coast Greek Conference will be held in Los Angeles in November, 2005.

A recently released study by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute found that 48 percent of students say it’s important that colleges encourage their personal expression of spirituality. InterVarsity’s 832 chapters, on 564 U.S. college campuses, offer students the opportunity to experience a biblically-focused Christian faith.

“This is a fabulous affirmation of our Greek Ministry,” said InterVarsity president Alec Hill.

The article is online