Trust is Everything

Theresa, a former staff worker in Arizona, went overseas with Link, InterVarsity’s partnership ministry with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. While working in the Middle East, she discovered a talent for initiating new ministry. She’s now heading back to the U.S. to put that talent to work in a new location.

After three years serving as Link staff in a Muslim country in the Mediterranean, God is calling me back to InterVarsity/USA staffwork – in Utah! I trust that God has uniquely equipped me through my missionary experience to be in ministry in Utah.

Utah is a lot like the country I’ve been living in. The dominant culture is different from my own. There are a lot of ideological similarities between the two groups, Mormons and Muslims. The prophets, extra scriptures, emphasis on good deeds, and more of a communal instead of individual focus are just a few that I have noticed. It will certainly be an endurance race, not a quick sprint. If anything, the two places have that in common. And both places are spiritually needy.

I’m excited about the challenge that lies ahead as I move to work with Mormon students, international students, and also the Christian students that come and find us.

For more information about InterVarsity’s Link ministry go here.