Turning from Darkness to Light

At Urbana 09 York Moore, InterVarsity’s national evangelist, described God’s cosmic plan of salvation in terms of a celestial light invasion: the first light from God came in the creation story in Genesis, the second light is the incarnation reported in the gospels, and the third light is Jesus’ return described in Revelation. “Just as the creation light split the world into two—night and day, light and darkness—so Jesus Christ divides the world into two, saved and condemned, children of darkness and children of light,” he said.

This is the central message that InterVarsity is taking to U.S. college and university campuses. “I like the depth of this theology,” said Terry Erickson, InterVarsity’s director of Evangelism. “This talk is theologically nuanced, and covers Genesis to Revelation.”

York’s message acknowledges a salvation which calls for both deeds of compassion and proclamation of the gospel, social justice as well as personal salvation. “He clearly shows that both are integrated at the cross, in our need for the Savior,” Terry said. As York put it, “Jesus will always be not merely personally relevant but globally relevant.”

Shifting from the well-known passage of John 3:16 to the following verses which describe condemnation for evil doers, York invoked the old hymn, “Nothing but the blood of Jesus can wash away our sins.” He added, “We need so much more than religious platitudes and good works to engage the darkness in our world.”

InterVarsity is pleased whenever an invitation to know and follow Jesus is clearly presented. And the response to York’s invitation at Urbana 09 was applauded by the 16,000 in attendance. As those who responded raised their hands to take a glow stick from the ushers, even a few ushers were observed cracking a glow stick and raising it overhead to announce their own personal response, turning from darkness to The Light.


Altar Call: York Moore from Urbana 09 on Vimeo.