Virginia Tech Shooting Statement

News Release For Immediate Release


(Madison, WI) — A statement by Alec Hill, president of InterVarsity: We are stunned and saddened by the reports of today’s shootings at Virginia Tech. InterVarsity has three staff members who work with about 180 students on the Virginia Tech campus. We are thankful that none of them were directly harmed by the shooting. Staff and students are meeting tonight to pray for their campus. InterVarsity students are also planning a campus-wide prayer event on Wednesday at noon. Our thoughts and our prayers are with the students of Virginia Tech and their families.



Events such as today’s tragic shooting bring students to an abrupt confrontation with their own mortality. InterVarsity staff are trained to help students face life’s issues and find their hope in the promises of Jesus Christ. Our staff members, Wes Barts, Lindsey Jones and Robert Howe, ask for your prayers as they and their students deal with the impact of this tragedy.



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