Alec Hill - Welcoming Our Largest New Staff Class Ever

For ten days every June, new campus staff gather in Madison for extensive training. This year’s class is special. Not only are they joining the Fellowship in the midst of the “Great Recession,” but they represent our largest class ever — 134 strong. This is clearly an act of God.

As I got to know many of them individually, I was impressed by both their love for God and their passion for the campus. As a group, they are deeply committed to evangelism, student leadership, chapter planting, and chapter building.

They best way to demonstrate the joy of this year’s class is via photos from our National Service Center Day. I think that you will enjoy them. Special thanks to Keith Hirata for serving as program director and to Kylene Hong for running logistics.

In the group photo above, I’m buried near the back right-of-center. As the shot was taken, I yelled, “Who pinched me?”

ONS class picture
With Ritu Singh of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy made support phone calls from my office one night. Despite eating M&Ms in my chair (and not leaving me any), she redeemed herself by writing an encouraging note on my white board.

Aaron & Alec
With Aaron Rayos of San Diego State University. His bright Bruce Lee T-shirt immediately caught my attention. Our oldest daughter attended Lee’s high school alma mater in Seattle.

Rhode Islanders
Hamming it up with (from left) David Carney of Boston University, Joel Sedam of Roger Williams University, Hope Aswell of Brown, Adam Croft of Rhode Island College and Chris Corry of Bryant University.

Jon Wanak & Alec
With Jon Wanak of our ITS Team. The cut-out version on the left mysteriously shows up every June. I have tried to destroy it over the past nine years, but office staff are always one step ahead of me. Alas.

Alec & Jason
With Jason Abrams of Jackson State University. No hair vs. hair. What, me jealous?

Link staff
With Link staff heading to serve sister IFES student movements in other countries. Jaimie Carlisle(from left to right) will serve in Panama, Sara Hedgecock will be in Romania and Holly Gilbo will minister to students in Canada. Great group all!