One expression of InterVarsity’s mission is training students to link the gospel of Jesus Christ with love and service among the urban poor.

InterVarsity staff member, Harvey Cozart, was deeply moved by God's global calling at the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) World Assembly.

What is it like to belong to a truly supportive community? Last year, the students in the Asian American Christian Fellowship at Harvard had the opportunity to find out.

Jon grew up in China, was a member of the Communist party, and a proclaimed atheist. Through the ministry of InterVarsity, Jon met Jesus Christ.

Do the hours of planning and preparation for the new students on campus result in fruit for the Kingdom of God?

God’s Word can powerfully influence the decisions we make, particularly how we spend our money.

InterVarsity students at Minnesota State University-Mankato wouldn’t miss “Testimony and Worship Night,” where they hear examples of God’s work in students’ lives.

Beth, Steve, and Andrea all agree that InterVarsity student community and conferences helped them grow in their faith.

My World Assembly experience was rich and varied...

The Graduate Fellowship at the Kennedy School of Government in Boston, Massachusetts had no convenient place to meet. Then God provided in wonderful fashion.