OurAmbition Videos

InterVarsity wants to inspire, empower, and support you to start something new on your campus. God may be giving you an ambition to reach athletes, artists, gamers, nurses, people in your dorm... the possibilities are endless!

Whatever your ambition is, we want to hear about it!

Create a video of you and your friends sharing your vision of what you want to start, and you’ll all get a free hoodie! Tell us your names, college or university, what you plan to start on your campus­­––or another campus––and why you care about doing this. But hurry! Only the first 100 students featured in videos that follow the guidelines below will get free hoodies.


  • If possible, involve everyone that’s helping you get this thing new thing started in the video. If you’re recording in person, please follow your local COVID guidelines. We also accept recordings of Zoom videos if that’s a better option for including others. And if it's just you sharing your heart, that's okay, too!
  • Make it brief––30 seconds is ideal.
  • Avoid places with background noise and speak up so your message is clearly heard.
  • Follow your local COVID guidelines. We will accept Zoom videos!
  • Introduce your video with, “Our Ambition is…”, or "My Ambition is..."
Use this form to send your video
Make sure the form is filled out completely and includes information for all those in the video.
By submitting your video, you are giving InterVarsity, USA permission to use it in promotions and communications about the conference. Thanks for your help!

Suggestions for making your video statement

Feel free to use one of these phrases or adapt one to fit your style! See three example videos below from Ambition ‘18.
  • “Our names are (names), and we think the (people group/type of students) at (college/university) deserve to know Jesus and become part of his Kingdom here. Our Ambition is to start (something new) with them.”
  • We believe God loves (people group/type of students) but a lot of them don’t know it yet. Our Ambition is to start something new at (college/university).”
  • Our friends at (college/university) need someone who can show them who Jesus is, and help them start following him. Maybe that someone is us! We’re (names), and that is our ambition.”


Fabiana Rodríguez (Berea College).mp4 from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo.


Lucas Bere (Berklee College of Music) from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo.


Michael Lo (University of Washington) from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo.

Questions?  Contact us at ambtion@intervarsity.org.