2010 Podcasts

Urbana 09 audio, some of which was featured in 2010 podcasts, has its own page.

InterVarsity President Alec Hill
  • Area Director Dan Soderberg (Western New York) is interviewed about campus ministry by Family Life Network Christian radio. October 20, 2010  Time: 12:22
Chapel Talks
  • (December 22, 2010) – Robert Grahmann – Developing World Changers Through InterVarsity Link InterVarsity's Link program, directed by Robert Grahmann, sends InterVarsity staff, graduates, and students overseas to work with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Time: 31:55
  • (November 10, 2010) – Cape Town 2010: Report & Reflection  Four of the InterVarsity staff members who were at the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town report on their experiences and impressions. Participants include: Alec Hill, Diana Collymore, Helyn Luisi-Mills, and Lisa Espineli Chinn. Lisa was the moderator of the discussion. Time: 32:24
  • (November 3, 2010) – Phil Evans – Is There Life After InterVarsity  Phil Evans brought his former staff colleagues and others up-to-date on the road God led him down after he left InterVarsity. Time: 22:00  Introduction by Elizabeth Toman.
  • (September 20, 2010) – Steve Cook – Work and Sabbath Rest  Steve is a former InterVarsity staff member and now is a corporate chaplain serving InterVarsity's National Service Center as well as a number of other organizations in the Madison WI area. Time: 29:47  Introduction by Lisa Espineli Chinn
  • (September 14, 2010) – Brian Bougher - Back to the Basics Brian is a local Madison pastor and talks about the need to stay focused on the basics in ministry. Time: 45:47  Introduction by Lisa Espineli Chinn
  • (August 31, 2010) – Rob Knight – God's Dreamweaving Rob Knight talks about how God has connected him with ministry in Bosnia through campus ministry in southern California, but in unusual ways. Time: 40:45  Introduction by Lisa Espineli Chinn 
  • (July 7, 2010) — Terry Morrison – Living Stones Across the World: IFES in 2010 Terry Morrison is the former director of InterVarsity’s Link program, which works abroad with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Time: 22:42 Introduction by Jill Feldcamp