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UPDATE: InterVarsity is Back on Campus at CSU

June 19, 2015: CSU has agreed to allow InterVarsity's 23 chapters to once again become recognized student organizations on the 19 CSU campuses where they are active.

“Following substantive and cordial conversations, CSU has clarified the intent and reach of Executive Order 1068," said InterVarsity president Jim Lundgren. “As a result,  we are confident we can choose leaders who are qualified to InterVarsity's witnessing communities throughout the Cal State system."

“In a time where much of the public discourse is polarized, InterVarsity and CSU remained engaged, honest and respectful throughout the negotiations," he added. "While we are grateful to have resolved the issue with CSU, InterVarsity continues to believe that all comers policies will result in the exclusion, rather than inclusion, of diverse students from campus.”

More information can be found in the news release posted on InterVarsity's website and in the links below to news coverage of the resolution.


In 2011, shortly before retiring, the chancellor of the California State University system issued a new policy that requires recognized student groups to accept any student as a potential leader. InterVarsity's chapter leaders are required to affirm InterVarsity's Doctrinal Basis. While we applaud inclusivity, we believe that faith-based communities like ours can only be led by people who clearly affirm historic Christian doctrine.

In August 2013, the new chancellor, Timothy White, granted religious groups a one-year exemption for the 2013-14 school year. The exemption was not renewed for the 2014-2015 school year, which meant all 23 of the CSU InterVarsity chapters operated without the benefits of official recognition.

The response to the policy from various media was overwhelmingly negative toward the policy and in support of InterVarsity's position, as represented by the following links.

CSU/InterVarsity Media Coverage - Resolution

CSU/InterVarsity Media Coverage - Dispute









On September 9, 2014, InterVarsity issued a news release responding to the California State University system policy. In early October a new coalition was announced, dedicated to returning the Constitutional principle of free association to the California State University system campuses. On October 8, 2014, we published an article summarizing the first month's response to the new CSU enforcement. On June 19, 2015, we published a news release describing the resolution of the dispute.