Called Out to Call Out

InterVarsity’s Black Student Leadership Conference, sponsored by Black Campus Ministries, held in Atlanta GA December 28, 2008 through December 31, 2008.

  • (December 28, 2008)— Ram Sridharan focused on repentance in the opening night plenary talk. Time: 44:22
  • (December 29, 2008)— Dr. Jeanne Porter, spoke on Jonah, chapter 2, and the theme of restoration. Time 49:53
  • (December 30, 2008)— Joshua Settles spoke on reconciliation. Time: 46:47
  • (December 31, 2008)— Rev. Dr. Harold Dean Trulear, speaking on the book of Jonah, part three.
    Due to a technical problem during the recording, the audio in this file is distorted. We apologize for the distortion. Time: 37:58
  • (December 31, 2008)— Philip Bowling-Dyer gave the commissioning call at the end of A08. Time 34:16