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Jesus says that he is like the shepherd who leaves behind 99 sheep to diligently seek after one lost sheep (Luke 15:1-7).  We believe that this is still true today.  We are also invited to join in with Jesus’ mission and passionate pursuit of people.  The below resources are designed to accompany your prayers and your friendship toward seekers and skeptics alike.  

5 Thresholds Training ToolKit

This 5 Thresholds curriculum will help your small group grow in love for their non-Christian friends and colleagues and provide practical tools they can use to walk alongside others who are growing toward Jesus. With two versions available, one for grad students and faculty, and one for undergraduates, you can reach your group exactly where they’re at.

Both the Grad Students and Faculty Leader’s Guide and the Leader’s Guide for Undergraduates offer guidance and suggestions to help you through each session.

  5T Leader’s Guide: 
Grad Students & Faculty
5T Leader’s Guide: 
5 Thresholds
Discipleship Cycles


5 Thresholds: Overview
The 5 Thresholds of conversion (Trust, Curiosity, Change, Seeking, Follower) are neither a science nor a law, because people’s stories are unique. But the path to faith often does include some predictable stages. The 5 Thresholds highlight those stages and help us engage with friends at each point in their journey. 


Threshold 1: Trust
The postmodern journey of conversion usually takes place when a skeptic begins to significantly trust a Christian. Today, Christianity and religion are suspect and distrust has become the norm. This hurts and is unpleasant for believers and can result in any number of the following five knee-jerk reactions.




Threshold 2: Curiosity

The stage of curiosity tends to blossom over time and usually has three levels of intensity. It's a subtle shift from being passive to being provoked to think differently.

Threshold 3: Open to Change

This is the hardest threshold to cross and where a lot of people turn back or stay where they are without moving forward. However, this is the stage where the Holy Spirit is especially at work, and when a person can finally become willing to make changes in their lifestyle. 

Threshold 4: Seeking

This threshold is about coming to a conclusion. There may not be a lot of behavioral change here because they are just about to make a decision about Jesus. There is urgency and purpose to their seeking, and they have decided it's time to make up their minds.

Threshold 5: Follower

This is the point when the person decides to repent and follow Jesus! They have decided they want to cross a real and eternally significant line. They go from flirting to commitment. They look Jesus in the face and say “I do.”



I once was lost

By Don Everts and Doug Schaupp

What Postmodern Skeptics Taught Us
About Their Path to Jesus

The 5 Thresholds came from IVP’s I Once Was Lost.  
Please use this link to purchase and get a
better understanding of the 5 Thresholds.