God's Word: We Love it. Study it. Share it.

"InterVarsity's training taught me that at times I need to see the Bible's historical context and at other times look at its universal meanings. But at all times I see it as God's revelation of Himself to me."
   - David Troutman

Bible study group

InterVarsity encourages students and faculty to love God's Word, study the Bible, and share the gospel with people of every ethnicity. Using an inductive Bible study method, InterVarsity develops in women and men the essential skills for understanding the Scriptures.

Bible studies

Please pray that God's Word will continue to be deeply impressed on the hearts of students and faculty.

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For more resources, please go to: intervarsity.org/bible-studies.

Videos on Inductive Bible Study

2100 graphicThe Discovery Series,
produced by 2100 productions

Part 1: Observation

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Part 2: Interpretation   Part 3: Application

IVP books



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How to Understand Your Bible, T. Norton Sterret & Richard L. Schultz   Transforming Bible Study, Bob Grahmann

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