Week of May 6

InterVarsity's 2019 summer Global Programs have begun. Four staff and four students are in Poland this month, serving the campus fellowship in Szczecin with training on outreach and engaging in spiritual conversations. Following the training there will be an on-campus outreach with displays and a dramatic presentation. Ask God to help make this a time of good learning and clear understanding, along with boldness to share. Pray for all to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for students and faculty to experience God’s peace and presence in light of the shooting last week at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Ask for the Lord’s mercy and protection over college students and faculty on campuses around the country.

This is National Nurses Week, which honors these health professionals for the work they do, and educates the public about nurses’ role in health care. Ask God to use Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) to reach more students and nurses with the Gospel, strengthen NCF, and add staff to support the growing number of student chapters. Today there are nearly 130 student chapters, and 33 groups of nurses around the country who meet to study the Bible and pray. Pray for wisdom and resources to serve well.

Week of May 13

Two pastors from a local New York City church have been partnering with InterVarsity to invest in the four small group leaders at St. John’s University. Please pray for discernment for these pastors as they continue to disciple students.

This week students are gathering for RecWeek in the Southwest, Summit Conference in New England, and Chapter Focus Week in Upper Michigan—InterVarsity’s annual training and vision casting camps for chapter leaders. These weeks away from campus are critical times to build community, develop leadership skills, and invite students on the edge of faith to explore a relationship with Jesus. Pray for students’ openness and willingness at all of the Chapter Focus Weeks scheduled this month, and that conversations among students and InterVarsity staff will be fruitful and glorifying to Christ!

Pray for InterVarsity’s President Tom Lin to continue leading the Fellowship with vision and integrity. Pray also for spiritual protection for him and his family, and that he will still be able to prioritize family time in his full schedule.   

Week of May 20

InterVarsity's International Student Ministry team leaders are meeting this week in Portland, Oregon, to assess their work and make strategic decisions on the next three years of ministry. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide their meetings and direct their focus on how to best engage international students who study in the US.

As the current college seniors graduate this month, pray that these new InterVarsity alumni would continue to walk with God, connect with a vibrant church, and make good friendships in the next phase of their lives.  

Chi Alpha (the Assemblies of God campus ministry) and CCO (the Coalition for Christian Outreach) have become formal partners with InterVarsity and over 40 other ministries in the everycampus.com initiative. Pray that these partners will increase the momentum to carry us all on toward our goal of reaching every campus with the Gospel.

Week of May 27

This is the final week that students in our New York/New Jersey region attend Basileia, a weeklong multitrack conference focusing on leadership training, discipleship, and Bible study. Pray for students to grow in their leadership and to be equipped to bring mission back on campus.

The 2018-2019 academic year is coming to an end and as InterVarsity chapters see senior leaders graduate, pray that younger students would begin to consider how God has wired them for influence and would be willing to develop those gifts to serve others.

Faculty at two campuses in Hawaiʻi  have been meeting weekly or biweekly to pray together during this school year. Pray that more faculty will hunger for this kind of fellowship on their campuses, and that faculty prayer groups will become common across the country.