Week of July 1

Pray for InterVarsity staff participating in our National Institute for Staff Education and Training (NISET), now through July 3, in Madison, Wisconsin. Ask the Lord to use the NISET classes—which include everything from Manuscript Bible Study Leadership to Praying for Spiritual Breakthrough to White Identity and Ministry to Systematic Theology for college credit—so staff can be better prepared as they serve students and faculty across the nation.

A quadrennial event, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) World Assembly is July 3-11 in South Africa. Pray for safe travels, smooth connections, and good experiences with immigration and customs, and that the South African IFES movement, which is hosting, would see the Lord provide strength and help for all the logistics.

The US Independence Day holiday is a time to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy as citizens and thank God for those who have sacrificed for our freedoms. Praise God that  Philippians 3:20 reminds us “our citizenship is in heaven.”

Week of July 8

As the IFES World Assembly continues, pray that the InterVarsity/USA delegates would be good learners, listen well, and build strong relationships with the staff and volunteers from more than 160 worldwide IFES campus movements.

InterVarsity’s Leadership Institute has begun at Cedar Campus, InterVarsity’s retreat and training center in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Pray for students spending this month in Christian community, spiritual formation, and leadership training. This is a life-changing opportunity for growth for these students who in the fall will return to campus equipped to lead fellow students in mission.  

As InterVarsity’s new fiscal year got underway on July 1, 2019, give thanks for our heritage of prudent fiscal management and pray that our faithful Lord will continue to provide the financial resources needed to meet our goals and live out God’s calling for the coming year.

Week of July 15

Once again, InterVarsity staff and students in Hawai'i are learning and serving through Ho'olohe Pono— a gathering to "listen well, rightly, and carefully" to Native people from communities in Hawai'i. These are taking place July 14-19 on O'ahu and July 20-27 on Moloka'i. Pray for the message of God’s love and justice to shine through for all participants.

The American Scientific Affiliation’s Annual Meeting begins this week in Wheaton, Illinois.  InterVarsity’s Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) is cosponsoring  breakout sessions for students and early career participants. InterVarsity Press (IVP) books will also be on hand. Pray for the early career participants to find the ideas and professional relationships they need, and for IVP and ESN to serve scientists well at the conference. 

Thousands of brand-new InterVarsity alumni have gotten their diplomas and many are now joining the workforce. Pray that their InterVarsity training and experiences will give them a strong Christian foundation as they build their lives after college graduation. Also ask God to guide alumni as they seek a church community.

Week of July 22

In 15 countries across the globe, more than 200 InterVarsity staff and students are receiving cross-cultural, hands-on ministry experience this summer through our Global Programs. Pray that God will grow their faith through the people they meet, the cultures they encounter, portions of the Bible they study, and their biblical applications.

Over the summer months, most InterVarsity staff focus on expanding their team of ministry partners. Pray that God will provide each with new, fruitful relationships for ongoing prayer support and financial provisions. Praise God for the tens of thousands of ministry partner individuals, churches, and foundations who faithfully pray, serve, and give to the Lord’s work through InterVarsity.

Thank God for InterVarsity Press and its commitment to publish Christian resources that help people grow in faith and follow Jesus as Savior and Lord in all of life. Something of interest is the IVP Summer 2019 Reading List.

Week of July 29

InterVarsity’s West Coast Faculty Conference is happening now through August 2 in Santa Barbara, California. Ask our Lord to use this time together to spiritually encourage faculty members and their families, provide rest and refreshment for participants, and grow the vision for vibrant faculty communities on campus.

Exciting news! InterVarsity launched two new regions this month: the Rivers and Rails region, west of the Alleghenies into Ohio, and the Michigan Lower Peninsula region. Pray for new Regional Directors Tammy Eckhart and Timothy Lin that God will help these veteran staff with their new responsibilities to shepherd well, give structure and leadership to the region, and provide pastoral care.

For some students, the summer can be a dry season for their souls. Pray for good rest and solid Christian communities to surround them at home, jobs, internships, and during travels. InterVarsity staff and student leaders look forward to seeing them back on campus, and are praying that all are eager to reunite with the Fellowship and bring the love of Jesus to the college community.