Week of May 7

National Nurses Week, May 6-12, honors nurses for the work they do, and educates the public about nurses' role in health care. This week, please pray that God would use Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) to reach more nursing students with the good news of Jesus; and help NCF move closer to their goal of being on 200 campuses by 2020. Pray also that more nurses already working in health care would become professional members, that new Bible studies would begin in hospitals and other healthcare communities, and the readership of the Journal of Christian Nursing would continue to expand and help support Christian thinking and spiritual care in medicine.  

As the school year ends, Kate Vosburg, Campus Staff Minister at Claremont Colleges in California, asks for prayer for small group and large group student leaders: “Pray that they would have joy serving through the end of the semester and that God would help them see some of the ways he has worked through their faithful service.”

As InterVarsity continues to grow, we have numerous job vacancies that need filling. Pray for God to call the right persons to serve InterVarsity in key leadership roles in areas as diverse as Technical Services, Campus Volunteers, and Spiritual Formation. 

Week of May 14

May is the month of Chapter Focus Week for students in most regions of the country. After final exams, students spend a week at camp studying the Bible and planning for the coming year. Pray that during these weeks, students would have powerful moments of discovery and open their hearts to God’s leading, giving them boldness and courage in their faith when they return to campus. 

This week, InterVarsity’s Asian American Ministries (AAM) leaders meet in Boston. Pray for AAM Director Sabrina Chan and her team, as they work to refine their vision for ministry and prepare plans for reaching more Asian American students on U.S. campuses.

Pray for Beau and Kristina Crosetto, veteran InterVarsity staff ministers, as this month they move from Southern California to Louisiana, to begin planting ministry on the 38 campuses in the state. Ask God for new partnerships that will aid in the planting of chapters on these campuses. Pray especially that the seeds planted last month during a day of concentrated outreach at Louisiana State University, Tulane University, and the University of New Orleans, would blossom into full-fledged ministry.

Week of May 21

Members of InterVarsity’s Urbana 18 team are working with Christian colleges to share about December’s upcoming Urbana 18 Student Missions Conference. Pray for creative ideas and strong partnerships so that Christian college students will not miss the opportunity to attend Urbana.

InterVarsity college seniors are transitioning to careers as well as graduate school programs. Pray that they would find and join new Christian communities as they relocate for work and school. Ask the Lord to help them recall all they learned through InterVarsity, and at the same time adjust to their new surroundings. 

A number of campuses across our nation have been torn by racial tension. Pray for protection for students of color and that InterVarsity chapters would be communities of justice, humility, and mercy that point to the power and character of Christ.

Week of May 28

The end of the school year is a time to celebrate many things. Last month, a gathering of over 300 people included InterVarsity students, alumni, supporters, and church partners, celebrating what God has done over the past five years in Orange County, California. Praise God that ministry has grown from three campuses to eight, student numbers jumped from 146 to over 500, and 627 decisions of faith were reported! Pray for the new vision for the next five years: to see 1,000 students become followers of Jesus on 12 campuses.

As the academic year wraps up, please pray for undergraduate students who have come to faith in Christ through InterVarsity’s witness during the school year. Pray that they would find a community to nurture their faith as they are away from campus over the summer.

Pray for this summer’s four faculty conferences, that more faculty members would embrace the opportunity for Christian fellowship, rest, and recreation, and to learn more about how to integrate their faith with their academic discipline.