Week of July 2

InterVarsity’s former Southern California region is now three new regions: San Diego, Greater Los Angeles, and Surf and Turf (north of Los Angeles). The creation of new regions means we have chapters on more and more California campuses. Pray for new Regional Directors Ramiro Marchena, Eddy Ekmekji, and Anne Hong (interim appointment), as they lead the staff teams in each of these regions.

Our Urbana 18 Student Missions Conference is now less than six months away. Pray that students would respond to God’s prompting by registering now and ask that the Lord would prepare students in the months ahead. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead and encourage the Urbana 18 Operations and Program Teams as they finalize and begin to implement plans for the December conference.

Pray for InterVarsity staff participating in our National Institute for Staff Education and Training (NISET), in Madison, Wisconsin, which ends July 3. Ask the Lord to use the NISET classes, which include  everything from leading Bible study to advanced prayer ministry to Systematic Theology class for college credit, to help staff as they serve students and faculty across the nation.

Week of July 9

InterVarsity’s Strategy and Innovation Leadership Team is working on a Ministry Playbook that will identify and share best practices, in order to better equip staff to plant and build Christian community on campus. James Choung, Vice President, Strategy and Innovation, asks for prayer that God will guide his team as they work on the project, and for the provision of a key technology specialist to accelerate and facilitate the planning process.

Praise God that during the 2017-2018 academic year, the ministry of InterVarsity was privileged to see 4,000 new decisions for Jesus! Thank God with us for each new life in Christ and pray that all will continue to walk in faith through the summer months and beyond.

In a number of cities across the country, InterVarsity Urban Programs are giving students the opportunity to see their faith applied to real-world issues. Through Bible study and hands-on experience with organizations ministering in urban areas, pray that students will gain a broader understanding of God’s heart for justice and reconciliation.   

Week of July 16

Incoming college students are making final plans for their arrival on campus in a few weeks for the fall semester. Pray that God will prepare InterVarsity campus communities to be welcoming to all students—both Christians and those who are yet to find faith in Jesus.

During the summer months, many InterVarsity staff focus on expanding their team of ministry partners. Pray that God will provide them with new, fruitful relationships. And ask the Holy Spirit to give wisdom and guidance for InterVarsity’s Ministry Partnership Development Team as they trust the Lord for  ways to help connect our staff with God’s financial provision for their campus ministries.

Bryan Enderle, a longtime InterVarsity staff minister and evangelism coach, is also a professor at the University of California, Davis; in fact, he was voted Best Professor by students. Every InterVarsity staff minister brings unique skills and talents to the ministry. Thank God for each one of them.

Week of July 23

InterVarsity’s Midwest Graduate and Faculty Ministries staff are attending their annual staff conference this week to be equipped and encouraged in their work. Join with GFM Regional Director Melodie Marske in praying that God will use this week to help each staff minister grow more connected to one another, to their vision as the body of Christ, and to their ownership of their regional mission as they lead and serve on campus. 

When a student couple asked InterVarsity South San Diego Area Director Christy Gates and her husband Marvin to mentor them in their relationship, Christy and Marvin had not been married all that long themselves. But Christy quickly realized that InterVarsity builds strong marriages. “InterVarsity disciples students in various aspects of their faith; paving the way for a strong marriage is just one more way to advance God's kingdom.” Pray that God will continue to use InterVarsity couples to model healthy relationships and build strong families.

This week, Jason Thomas, Executive Vice President, Field Ministry, is attending Campus Missions Conference (CMC), the staff conference of Chi Alpha, another campus ministry.  Jason is there to continue  building healthy partnerships in order to reach every corner of every campus. Pray that Chi Alpha will also embrace our shared vision of reaching every campus with the gospel.

Week of July 30

For many people, the slower pace of summer is a time  to catch up on their reading. Thank God for InterVarsity Press and its commitment to publish Christian resources that help people grow in faith and  follow Jesus as Savior and Lord in all of life.

InterVarsity’s West Coast Faculty Conference runs July 29 to August 3 in Santa Barbara, California, and the Northeast Faculty Conference is August 2-5 in Kingston, Rhode Island. Ask our Lord to use these times together to grow the vision for vibrant faculty communities on campuses across the country.

InterVarsity is sharing our Bible study expertise in a new website: http://howto.bible/. Pray that God will use this website to help people all over the world gain a new interest and expertise in studying the Bible for themselves.