Week of December 30

For nearly 80 years, InterVarsity has been committed to developing students into world class leaders. We continue to see the need for godly leadership in the university, the church, and across society. Pray that our staff would develop leaders of integrity, wisdom, and vision.  Ask God to use these students on campus, in the their future workplaces, and among different communities, helping them lead with discernment and grace, as they represent Christ .

Happy 2020! Another new year begins and InterVarsity thanks you for faithfully praying and supporting this ministry to students and faculty. May God bless you in 2020. Micah 7:7 brings great inspiration: “I watch in hope for the LORD,  I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.”

As this week ends, almost 1,500 InterVarsity staff from across the US are in Orlando, Florida, for our triennial staff conference. Focusing on the theme of Longing for Revival, we are seeking God for “a season of kingdom breakthroughs in word, deed, and power, that usher in a new normal of kingdom experience and fruitfulness.” Pray for our staff to be refreshed through worship, training opportunities, leadership presentations on InterVarsity at-large, and all God has during this four-day gathering.

Week of January 6

Thank God for 1,500 InterVarsity staff and ministry partners from around the country who have just finished SC20, our four-day staff conference in Orlando, Florida. Pray for safe travels as participants return home and that the conference theme Longing for Revival will resonate in their hearts and minds as they minister during the spring term on campus and in community.

InterVarsity International Student Ministry staff are among those staying in Orlando for another day of additional training. Pray that this time together will bear fruit with more international students coming into God’s kingdom.

Over the last year the EveryCampus campaign endeavored to see a prayer walk on every US college campus. Join us in praying that God will abundantly answer those prayers for revival and expand campus ministry now and in the years to come.

Week of January 13

This month, an InterVarsity-produced Small Group Start-Up Guide is being tested in four locations. Pray that these field-tested guides will lead to greater learning and insight into how to help multiply InterVarsity small groups and student leadership—both are crucial for what God is calling us to during the next decade!

Students are returning to campus from winter break. Ask the Lord to encourage students to begin the year resolving to study well and connect with God. And, thank God that InterVarsity chapters are planning and implementing New Student Outreach activities to embrace new corners and new campuses.

Living a W’holy’ Integrated Life is the theme about calling, vocation, and discernment for this weekend’s retreat for students in the Ohio Valley involved in our Graduate and Professional Student Ministry. Pray that students at this retreat and several others around the country this weeknd would truly meet with the Lord, come away refreshed, and seek to live out God’s call in the academy and beyond.

Week of January 20

This week begins by remembering the life and legacy of the late Martin Luther King Jr. Thank God for Dr. King’s influence as an American Christian minister and his vision that someday we “will one day live in a nation where [none will] be judged by the color of their skin, but [solely] by the content of their character." Pray that InterVarsity staff and students will live lives of godly character and continue to be witnesses to Jesus amid racial tensions that persist on campus.

Looking toward the future need for experienced and faithful church leaders, pray for InterVarsity as we identify and train new leaders in their formative years as students on campus.

The Athletes InterVarsity East Coast Conference is being held this week in Pennsylvania. Join us in praying that the Lord of the harvest (Matthew 9:38) would bring students who are not-yet Christians. Also pray that God would bring Christian student athletes who desire to influence for Jesus the culture on their team and campus. Pray also for InterVarsity staff who are facilitating the small groups that they would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s work during the weekend.   

Week of January 27

In the coming weekend, fraternity and sorority students from western states will gather for Greek Conference 20 in Los Angeles. Pray that God will use this conference, and Greek Conferences on subsequent weekends in Indianapolis and Raleigh, to call men and women to be bold Christian leaders in the Greek community, elsewhere on campus, and after college.  

Two longtime InterVarsity staff, James Choung and Ryan Pfeiffer, have a new book published by InterVarsity Press, “Longing for Revival.” Pray that this book will have a dramatic impact on staff, students, and far beyond InterVarsity.

This time of year can be especially difficult for college students who struggle with depression and other mental health problems. Pray for InterVarsity staff, and others who are serving among students, to know about readily available resources and be aware of students who need care.