Week of November 4

Join Tom Lin, our president, as he prays for “a growing prayer movement seeking witnessing communities on every campus,” and for “provision of more workers for the harvest, as we recruit more campus staff.” You can read more prayers from Tom and other staff and students in our just-released 2018-2019 Annual Report, titled “Prayer is Our Foundation.”

The Carolinas Region is holding a conference for Asian American students in Durham, North Carolina, this Friday and Saturday. The latest Religious Landscape Study by Pew Research shows (among other things) that about 1/3 of Asian Americans identify as Christian, 1/3 identify with other religions, and 1/3 identify as religious nones. While Asian Americans make up the second largest ethnic group involved in InterVarsity, Sabrina Chan, the director of InterVarsity’s Asian American Ministries notes, “We are the most 'unreached' racial demographic they segmented.” Pray that God will guide Sabrina and her team in the coming months as they develop programs to reach Asian American students.

Native American students will gather in Phoenix, Arizona, this weekend for the annual Would Jesus Eat Frybread? conference (WJEF). Like most students, Christian Native students long for community. Pray that students will connect well with each other and with their Savior during WJEF.

Week of November 11

Students from around southern Utah have been invited to Small Group Leader training this coming weekend. Please pray for God to grow first-time small group leaders across the country in their own faith and to work through them to grow the faith of those in their small groups. 

Please pray for Cultivate, our annual Area Director training institute, Tuesday through Thursday this week in Denver. More than 125 Area Directors plus over 100 other staff directors are being trained through nine tracks. Pray that each director will take home with them excellent biblically-based leadership development tools that will help them do their jobs more effectively.

This is the time of year that retreats for prospective staff are being held to cast vision, answer questions, and provide space for those attending to process and hear from God. Pray that retreat participants will hear clearly from God during these times, and that God will call many to serve him on US college campuses.

Week of November 18

Annual academic conferences for Bible scholars are beginning this week in San Diego. Pray that InterVarsity Press staff will be able to effectively network with scholars at these conferences and that IVP will continue to publish books that serve the academic community well. 

As church volunteers and students partner together to put on free cookie outreaches on campus, God is stirring up spiritual hunger. Pray for InterVarsity students to continue having creative ideas to share their faith.

We are grateful for volunteers who have decided to continue to work with our chapters after graduation. Please pray that these volunteers will also continue to love, study, and share God’s word, as they give time to mentor and invest in the lives of students.

Week of November 25

Many students are considering going on Global and Urban Programs or joining our Study Abroad ministry right now and will be talking with their parents during Thanksgiving break about this important decision. Pray that God will be at work in the hearts of both parents and students in these conversations.

Other students will travel home for the first time this week after making decisions at a large group meeting, Bible study, or Fall Conference, to make Jesus Lord of their life. Pray that God will give them grace to share with their families and friends, and pray for receptive hearts for those who hear this good news.

International students on US campuses are often afforded their only chance to visit an American home when they receive an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. Pray God will use this holiday tradition to stir their interest in the Christian faith.