Week of April 5

  • We praise God for drawing almost 300 MBA students and professionals to attend our Believers in Business Conference at the end of February. May the Lord grant them clarity on how to faithfully follow him in both classes and the workplace.
  • For many campuses and students across the nation, it’s been more than a year since school went virtual. We pray that God would continue to refresh and strengthen them, and we also ask that the Lord would continue to sustain our campus ministers, who moved so quickly to pivot our ministry online.
  • As we are freshly reminded of Christ’s resurrection from the grave, we pray for new life and spiritual breakthrough across the nation. Especially for those who participated in our digital Holy Week Camino developed by our Study Abroad Team, we pray that their encounters with Jesus would strengthen and encourage them.

Week of April 12

  • In light of recent events, we pray for comfort and protection for all Asian American students, faculty, campus ministers, and also InterVarsity’s Asian American Ministries. May they experience Christ’s peace that surpasses all understanding.
  • With graduation fast approaching, we pray for the transition of student leadership in our chapters from graduating seniors to underclassmen. We ask God to raise up new student leaders and fill them with godly confidence and true humility.
  • We lift up Greg Jao, Director of External Relations, and his team. May they be filled with wisdom, joy, grace, and God’s unfailing love as they interact with a broad range of people, including pastors and fellow campus ministries.

Week of April 19

  • Preparation for next semester’s Online New Student Outreach is already underway. Ask God for ingenuity, rich cross-departmental collaboration, and that he would prepare many students and faculty to say yes to our invitations to follow Jesus.
  • We lift up the work of all our Focused Ministries: Asian American Ministries, Athletes InterVarsity, Black Campus Ministries, Graduate and Faculty Ministries, Greek InterVarsity for fraternity and sorority students, International Student Ministry, InterVarsity Arts Ministry, LaFe (Latino Fellowship), Native InterVarsity, and Nurses Christian Fellowship.
  • As students continue to plant new chapters, we ask that God would grant them favor with university and administration staff like he did at Adler University in Chicago. One student shared, “The Lord is at work in the hearts and minds of many people to do his will, such as faculty advisors [and] staff.”

Week of April 26

  • Ask God to prepare the way for more partnerships with local churches and other ministries. Our 2030 Calling is grounded in the necessity of engaging with new partners to see far more campuses reached with the good news than we could ever reach on our own.
  • We lift up InterVarsity Press, interceding that they remain focused, hopeful, and dedicated to their vision to “be a catalyst for redemption, restoration, and revival in our divided and broken world.”
  • We pray for all the chapters going through the GAPS (Give, Advocate, Pray, Serve) Program with their graduating seniors. May these soon-to-be alumni catch a vision for continuing to partner with their chapters to see even more students reached with the good news.