Week of August 3

  • InterVarsity Link Staff Orientation will happen soon. Intercede for these new staff to stay healthy, take the necessary precautions, and experience a strong sense of community even with much of it taking place virtually. Pray also that they are well-equipped to serve abroad with our sister International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) movements around the world.
  • Through the Virtual Back-to-School Gathering on August 6 at 9:00 p.m. EST,  we will collaborate with our EveryCampus partners to host a “big tent” event for new and returning college students from across the country. Pray that many students would participate and be filled with hope for the upcoming school year.
  • As more schools announce virtual fall semesters, lift up the faculty, administrators, support staff, and students who will be drastically affected by these changes.

Week of August 10

  • Pray for Andrew Ginsberg, the Executive Vice President of Advancement, and his family. May the Lord bless him with grace, wisdom, and strength in helping InterVarsity navigate new realities. Also, ask God to draw Andrew’s family closer to himself and each other.
  • As we continue implementing Online New Student Outreach through many Online Ministry resources, pray that Jesus would stir up a spirit of curiosity and openness among students. Pray that he would draw them into our chapters to experience his Real Hope through life-giving Scripture, prayer, and community.
  • Intercede for our staff of color, especially members of our Black Campus Ministries. May they experience rest and revival. Pray that all followers of Christ will fervently seek “to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with [our] God” (Mic 6:8).

Week of August 17

  • At the start of this new school year, we long to see the Lord continue to work in extraordinary ways and empower us as we press into our 2030 Calling. Pray for strength and a spirit of innovation as we continue adjusting our ministry to fast-changing realities.
  • Intercede for international students in the trials and uncertainties they face. May they experience a warm sense of welcome and hospitality through spaces like our International Student Ministry. And may they know the peace and love and joy of our heavenly Father.
  • Pray for new relationships and partnerships among our campus ministers and university faculty members. Pray that these faculty would feel seen, served, and passionate about reaching their colleagues and students with the good news.

Week of August 24

  • Join us in praying that the Lord would help us connect with 100,000 students in the coming weeks through Online New Student Outreach. Pray for stamina and divine appointments as our campus ministers and student leaders across more than 750 campuses follow up with new freshmen and returning students. 
  • For many students and faculty, this school year brings with it many hard moments: heightened loneliness, cancelled sports seasons, struggles to adapt to online learning, and grieving the illness or loss of loved ones. May God draw them to himself to experience his unfailing love, peace, and comfort.
  • Our Focused Ministries are developing a series of virtual events across the nation. Pray that students would find opportunities to discover these ministries that intersect with their passions and that their walk with the Lord would deepen as a result.

Week of August 31

  • Pray for Greg Jao, Director of External Relations, and his family. May God bless Greg with a spirit of perseverance and discernment in all his interactions and relationships. Pray that the Lord will overshadow all of Greg’s family with his presence and grace.
  • With so many uncertainties because of the pandemic, many graduating high school seniors have decided to take a gap year before starting college. Pray that Jesus would be at work in their lives, growing and refining them, and that he would draw them into a strong faith community.
  • Intercede for underfunded campus ministers in finding new partners in ministry to reach full funding, so they can concentrate on reaching out to students and faculty.