Week of February 5

In this month alone, Greek InterVarsity hosts three Greek Conferences—one on the West Coast, another in the Midwest, and one on the East Coast. These well-attended gatherings challenge sorority and fraternity students to make a difference for God’s kingdom. Thank the Lord for last weekend’s Greek Conference Los Angeles. Pray for the upcoming Greek Conference Indianapolis set for February 9-11; followed by Greek Conference Raleigh in North Carolina, the weekend of February 16-18. Pray that students would continue to invite their friends right up until the conferences. And pray that all students at Greek Conference would be open to encounter Jesus in a life-changing way. 

Students are considering their spring break and summer plans this month. InterVarsity has life-changing opportunities such as urban and global mission programs, and Chapter Focus Week camps. Additionally, some students will be deciding whether to begin the application process toward becoming an InterVarsity Campus Staff Minister after graduation. Pray that each student would clearly hear God’s call and invitation and respond in faith and obedience.

Text-A-Toastie is an InterVarsity event becoming popular on many campuses, especially in the Northeast. Students are invited to text their questions about God to a campus phone number; InterVarsity will deliver a thoughtfully-crafted answer, along with a toasted cheese sandwich—a.k.a., a toastie. Pray that these texted questions will be a springboard to spiritual conversations and open the way to salvation for students on more and more campuses.

Week of February 12

Pray for students who have realized, after some disappointments in the fall semester, that there must be more to campus life—that they are missing something. Ask the Lord to meet them and lead them to InterVarsity Fellowships and to other Christians on campus.

Within the last two years, students from the Atlanta University Center Consortium (AUC) have helped plant new chapters at Savannah State University, and at Alabama State University in Montgomery. Campus Staff Minister Tamice Spencer believes all 21 historically black colleges and universities in Georgia and Alabama need a Christian presence like InterVarsity. Pray that God will guide Tamice and InterVarsity students as they reach for that goal.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for InterVarsity students to share with others on campus a different, sacrificial style of love. Pray that the Spirit would use Valentine’s Day outreach activities on campuses across the country for a higher purpose—to bring more students into relationships with Jesus Christ.

Week of February 19

Praise God for InterVarsity’s Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) ministry and for the NCF Student Ministries team. Pray for the Lord to inspire NCF Staff Ministers to develop new resources that will help equip nursing students and faculty for mission and outreach.

InterVarsity’s annual Believers in Business conference, with more than 1,000 participants, happens at the end of this week—February 23-24 in New York City. Sponsored by InterVarsity’s MBA Ministry, the conference attracts students from some of the nation’s top business schools. Pray that God speaks into the lives of each one who attends and shows them how they can serve God’s kingdom through the business world.

Rob Knight, long time InterVarsity Staff Minister in Southern California and former Urbana Operations Director, is InterVarsity’s new interim Alumni Director. Pray for Rob as he begins to refine InterVarsity’s vision for partnering with alumni in a way that helps us reach more campuses with the Gospel message.

Week of February 26

Ask God to encourage students with Athletes InterVarsity chapters in New England to grow in their relationships with the Lord and with one another. Join them in praying for deeper community and for the Holy Spirit’s transforming work in their midst.

InterVarsity’s Central region—Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas—recently celebrated achieving their 2020 vision, two years early! Thank the Lord for the region establishing 50 chapters and 500 small groups, and for partnering with one overseas student movement. Pray that students and faculty on regional campuses will continue to say yes to Jesus’ offer of salvation, and that their communities will be transformed by their obedience to Christ.

To become a more spiritually vibrant Christian community, InterVarsity’s National Service Center (NSC) staff in Madison, Wisconsin, have begun a new spiritual discipline. Each Wednesday morning, NSC staff meet for Commons—a time of worship and commitment to God’s Word. Pray that the Lord will build the NSC staff community as they gather together, and that staff will grow as followers of Christ and their abilities in service and support.