Week of March 4

Throughout this month Rec Week, InterVarsity’s New York City-based discipleship program, is engaging students around today’s topics, one week at a time during their spring break. As these students study Scripture and issues like race and ethnicity, sexuality, climate change, and modern-day slavery, pray that Jesus would always be at the center of their conversations.

This week, InterVarsity students at the University of Delaware are discussing with fellow students the matter of mass incarceration as a way to open up conversations about justice and the Gospel. Ask God to guide this time. Pray that many students will be willing to join in the discussions and will respond to an invitation to learn more about Jesus.

On March 7, students from a range of different beliefs will fill Woodruff Auditorium at the University of Kansas to hear Dr. Ian Hutchinson from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology address the question "Is there truth beyond science?"  Dr. Hutchinson will make a case for the credibility of the Christian faith. Pray that students will be open to the good news of Jesus, and that those who are struggling spiritually will grow and deepen their faith in Christ.


Week of March 11

InterVarsity spring break ministry events are happening this month across the country. These conferences and outreaches can have a significant impact on students’ lives and their Christian faith. Pray that InterVarsity students will boldly invite friends to participate and that all students will see God at work in their lives.

Please pray for all InterVarsity campus staff ministering in the intense world of students and faculty on campus to schedule time to rest and be restored through Sabbath-keeping. Ask the Lord to provide restoration as needed.

Greek InterVarsity students at California State University Fullerton and at nearby Chapman University cohosted a Greek gathering and invited other fraternity and sorority students to study the story of the Prodigal Son. During the call to faith, six Greek students recommitted their lives to Christ and one made a first-time decision to follow Jesus! Pray for more Greek students to invite their fellow Greeks to study the Bible with them.


Week of March 18

Senior students in the InterVarsity chapter at Cornell University are attending InterVarsity-sponsored seminars to prepare for life after graduation. Ask God to give InterVarsity students a good transition process and to prepare them for what is ahead. Also pray that their faith will remain strong.

Black Campus Ministries (BCM) Staff Conference is this week. Pray for a move of the Holy Spirit among Black staff and that God would use InterVarsity’s BCM to bring revival on campus and in the church. Pray too that BCM staff would leave the conference refreshed and with a greater vision for the integration of outreach and justice.

InterVarsity students at Harrisburg Area Community College recently asked their fellow students, “What gives you joy?” Over 20 responses were written down, including one from a Muslim student who was surprised that his comment about the Quran was not erased. Pray for creative outreaches like these, that thoughtful questions would compel students to consider the claims of Christ.

Week of March 25

All 420 students who participated in the US Student Leaders Track at Urbana 18 received a test version of a toolkit designed to help students plant ministry on unreached campuses. Twenty of those leaders are currently being coached in their use of the toolkit to help refine it for broader release in the fall. Pray that these student planters would take the opportunity to spread the Gospel to new corners of new campuses, and that their efforts will be used by God in the coming school year.

InterVarsity’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries (GFM) holds its annual staff conference this week in Mundelein, Illinois. Pray for GFM staff to be motivated to extend ministry to more grad students and faculty on more campuses and that more staff and volunteers will be mobilized into the mission. As they leave the conference, pray for GFM staff to feel more connected, have a sense of the importance of partnership with God and others, and that multiethnic staff teams will thrive.

Many students are making decisions about upcoming summer activities and commitments. Some are considering InterVarsity’s Global Programs. Pray that students will be open to God’s leading and willing to grow their faith by experiencing another culture.