sally y.

Columbia International University

Attended Urbana as a freshman and decided to be a missionary. Stout State University had a good Christian Union with a retreat with Rev. David Hubbard of Fuller Seminary be our speaker. We appreciated his ministry.

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For more than 75 years, InterVarsity has had a vital presence on hundreds of college campuses, courageously proclaiming Jesus as Lord, seeking his kingdom, and engaging in discipleship around Scripture.

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“I became a Christian in 1970 through [InterVarsity] at a college in central Pennsylvania.”
—Tim Keller

“I became a Christian in 1970 through InterVarsity at a college in central Pennsylvania.”
—Tim Keller

Reach every corner of every campus

The majority of young people today are not fans of church. Only 1 in 5 says attending church is very important to them.

You can reach them by investing in campus ministry, bringing a student-led gospel presence to every corner of every campus.

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