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Jesus says, "Walk with Me"

Experience the ancient tradition of pilgrimage in a new way by stepping outside your front door, no plane ticket required. At the heart of the pilgrimage is an invitation to be loved and known by the God who is walking beside us always.

More than just a memorable one-time experience, our prayer for you is that these walks become embodied lessons on how to walk with God through whatever you go through in life.


The Harmony Way

Journey with Indigenous followers of Jesus from across North America and Hawaii (Turtle Island and Pasifika) - walk the Harmony Way along God’s good road. Registration for Lent opening soon.

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The Franciscan Way | Italy

Francis and Clare's lives still speak to us and the church today - walk the Franciscan Way and be challenged and encouraged by their example of how to follow Jesus.

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The Celtic Way | Ireland

In the Celtic tradition, those on pilgrimage didn’t have a definite destination. They only knew God called to them – walk the Celtic Way to cultivate a deeper trust in God.

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Camino | Spain

Many begin the Camino hoping to reach a destination only to find the journey itself is what transforms – walk the Camino to find the God who always walks beside us.

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Each experience includes:


Meet your fellow participants, your hosts, and special guests, as the whole group prepares to journey together.


With any significant experience, it’s important to process and hear from others. Debrief with people you know or join others also on the journey.

Walk Audio Guides

Listen to narrators using scripture, poetry, and prayer and a companion PDF journal for deeper reflection.

Special Events

Relating to the theme of the pilgrimage, come explore cooking classes, film discussions, and other unique experiences.