Brenda Jo Wong

Brenda has spent over 41 years leading, discipling, and developing InterVarsity students and staff in San Francisco and Hawai`i. She has a passion for multiethnicity, justice, God’s presence, and supernatural ministry, and enjoys the beach, good food, and time with friends of all ages. Brenda is also an ordained pastor at Bluewater Mission. 

By Brenda Jo Wong

In this “hurried life,” how can we find more time with God? And how can we go deeper with God this Advent season when shopping, parties, and Christmas events get added to an already packed schedule?

By Brenda Jo Wong

Sometimes God displaces us and sometimes we choose displacement to survive, thrive, or walk in obedience to God. However we end up being displaced, whether through persecution, a natural disaster, or by choice, such as taking a specific job, God uses displacement to shape us and draw us closer to him.