Diana Collymore

Associate National Director - GlobalEngagement & Justice

Diana Collymore serves as the Associate National Director - GlobalEngagement & Justice with InterVarsity/USA. Her vision is to “turn the world upside down” (Acts 17:6) through the college campus. Diana seeks to invest in the development of college students as the lifelong disciples of Christ Jesus who are about God’s mission in every sphere. A calling and passion for Diana is mobilizing students from communities of color to contribute their God-designed gifts in global missions.

Diana is a New-York-born-and-raised second-generation American of Barbadian heritage. In 2005 she began a long-term cross-cultural journey in Madison, WI. She now calls home Chicago, IL, a city whose people and civic life continually grow her understanding of living into God’s mission.  Diana enjoys much laughter, intense conversations, and, depending on the day, really good coffee or tea.

By Diana Collymore

There is always something that can take up my time and energy. A quick stop at the store usually turns into completing the shopping for the week. I’ve found that “one item” turns into a multistore shopping exercise. That quick glance at email becomes an hour of writing messages.

By Diana Collymore

John Allen Chau. It seems like everyone has had an opinion. The opinions have been pretty strong.