Alec Hill Remembers Billy Graham

It was a true honor to represent InterVarsity at the funeral service for Billy Graham. He was the epitome of a humble, devout, and missional disciple.

The Lord used Rev. Graham to heal my fractured family. At a Seattle crusade before I was born, my half-brother Dwight came to faith. Nearly two decades later, Dwight led my brother Grant to Jesus who in turn influenced my conversion. The funeral reminded me of my own faith journey.

I was most touched by the tributes of Rev. Graham’s sister and five children. Paraphrasing one: “Dad was the same at home as on the road. There were not two Billy Grahams—public versus private. There was only one.” May the same be said of each of us in terms of integrity, ethics, and temperament.

Many dear friends also attended—including Geri Rodman (Inter-Varsity Canada), Mark Labberton (Fuller Theological Seminary), Michael Oh (Lausanne), Dennis Hollinger (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), Steve Douglass (Cru), Dan and Mary Wolgemuth (Youth for Christ), Nick Hall (PULSE), Jerry and Mary White (Navigators), Bill Pollard (ServiceMaster), and Harold Smith (Christianity Today).


Alec Hill served as President of InterVarsity from 2001 to 2015 and how holds the title of President Emeritus. The photo above shows Billy Graham speaking with students at the University of North Carolina. Billy Graham spoke on a number of campuses and also at nine of InterVarsity's Urbana Student Missions Conferences