By Kathryn Brill

In Business and About God's Purposes

Jesus is Lord over every industry and field of study. What does it look like when we commit ourselves to making choices that honor him in the work that we do?

For Will Haughey, an alumnus of Greek InterVarsity at Indiana University, it meant using his business skills to be part of the solution to social problems in Honduras. Will left the investment banking world in 2008 to join his brother Chris in founding a toy company called Tegu. Learn how Will is following Christ in the business world in this video from InterVarsity Staff Conference 2014:

The idea for Tegu sprung from the brothers’ experiences in Honduras, a place with abundant natural resources but a great deal of poverty. Will and Chris saw an opportunity here when he wondered: how could they utilize these resources, such as the beautiful wood of Honduran trees, and create a business that might provide job opportunities in Honduras?

Tegu produces wooden blocks with strong magnets inside. Kids can play with the blocks by sticking them together to form their own creations. While Tegu is a for-profit business, it’s also committed to making choices that reflect God’s values, such as sustainably sourcing their wood and helping support a local school for children whose families scavenge in the nearby trash dump. For Will and Chris, “business as usual” means business for the glory of God—and it’s making a difference in the life of the community around them.

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