Court Allows InterVarsity’s Case Against Wayne State to go Forward

(Madison) -- InterVarsity’s religious discrimination case against Wayne State University must be allowed to proceed, a Michigan federal judge has ruled. Becket law firm, which represents InterVarsity, has the announcement on their website.

InterVarsity filed legal action in order to protect the rights of our chapter to be treated the same as other groups on campus, a constitutionally protected religious freedom.

Classes resumed on August 28 and our chapter is meeting. InterVarsity was temporarily allowed back on campus after the initiation of litigation and now seeks to make that status permanent. The university continues to argue that it has the flexibility to kick InterVarsity back off campus at any time. Oral arguments were heard on July 10, 2019, and now, following the judge’s ruling, the next step is a status conference before the judge on October 15.

Wayne State is one of 772 campuses where we currently have chapters, 1,119 chapters in all. Students at Wayne State, like students everywhere these days, are fighting loneliness and alienation. We feel students and faculty on every campus should have a community of believers who share the hope-giving message of the Gospel. That’s why we have embarked on  our 2030 Calling, to partner with other ministries, churches, alumni, and volunteers to reach every US campus.  

For more information or to arrange an interview with a Becket attorney, contact Ryan Colby at or 202-349-7219.