Discovering God's Word

Sarah Snow, InterVarsity staff at Texas A&M University-College Station, met Jennifer, a Freshman, the first week of school. Jennifer was looking at what it meant to follow Jesus. During their first meeting, Sarah had to help Jennifer find the book of Matthew in the Bible. Jennifer showed her eagerness to learn about Jesus by saying, “I think spending life following Jesus is much more worthwhile than spending life chasing after everything else that gives the false illusion of satisfaction.”

Jennifer is working with Sarah to learn more about Jesus through the study of Following Jesus, a Bible study guide created for students investigating Christianity. “Jennifer understands the Gospel, but doesn’t really know what it means to live out the Gospel and follow Jesus,” Sarah said. Jennifer continues to meet with Sarah every Thursday to discover God’s Word.

Discovering God’s Word is a way to learn about Christ. Minrong, an International student from China, expresses interest in learning about God by telling Brian Hossick, InterVarsity staff at Michigan State University-East Lansing, “I am not a Christian, but I want to learn about Jesus. Can you help me?” Brian invited Minrong to a gathering of business students to discuss the foundation of business ethics in light of God’s holiness, justice and love. Minrong felt overwhelmed, not having much exposure to the Christian faith.

Brian agreed to meet with Minrong to study the Gospel. Minrong arrived to study with his friend Tianjia. Brian figured Minrong brought a friend for moral support and he wasn’t interested in anything spiritual. Brian soon found that they both asked insightful questions about the Gospel. “They in a sense would lead me through the Gospel,” Brian said.

Brian invited Minrong and Tianjia to his home to watch an evangelistic video. Three Chinese people gave their testimony with the theme of discovering the meaning of life. After the video, Brian discussed the God-centered view that people were made to worship God and their fulfillment in life comes from being who God has created them to be. “I think I corrected their perceptions that Christianity just adds meaning or only makes life better,” Brian said. Tianjia then asked, “How does someone become a Christian?”

There are many students like Jennifer and Tianjia on college campuses across the country that want to learn about Jesus and what it means to follow Him. Minrong asked Brian for help, but it was Tianjia who expressed further interest in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Often students just need an invitation or opportunity to learn about Jesus.