By Kathryn Brill

Environmental Justice in Detroit

Our Christian life is never just about us as individuals—it takes place in a specific context, among specific people. When Jesus calls us to follow him, he means for us to live out our faith within these specific environments. Rather than ignoring what’s going on around us, we need to intentionally bring God’s love to the neighborhoods, workplaces, and cities we inhabit.

Sandra Yu, an InterVarsity alumna from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is committed to helping bring God’s renewal to the city of Detroit. She works for Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, whose mission is to make Detroit a healthier and more environmentally friendly place to live. She is also a Detroit Revitalization Fellow, joining others to complete projects such as cleaning and restoring city parks.

But Sandra isn’t just dedicated to renewing Detroit in her work life. She also intentionally participates in the life of her neighborhood by hanging out on her front porch and building community with those around her. Sandra is a member of Mack Avenue Community Church as well, which is focused on being a good neighbor in its location.

By joining herself to the community in these ways, Sandra is able to connect the work she does for the whole of Detroit to the individuals she knows personally. And she’s able to live out God’s call to love those around her in specific and tangible ways. Watch the video to learn more about how Sandra is making a difference in Detroit.

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