Week of September 3

“Everywhere we turn it seems like there is a lack of hope.” InterVarsity President Tom Lin’s statement underscores our urgency to bring the good news of Jesus to college students and faculty. As praying friends of InterVarsity, we want you to be part of the ambitious venture God is placing before us: InterVarsity’s 2030 Calling. For the next 12 years, in concert with intercessors like you, InterVarsity alumni and volunteers, and other campus ministries, InterVarsity is trusting the Lord to establish a Christian witnessing community on each of the 2,500 US campuses of 1,000 students or more. Join us at www.intervarsity.org for more about the 2030 Calling.

Two-thirds of InterVarsity participants identify with one of our Focused Ministries communities (Arts, Asian American, Athletes, Black Campus Ministries, Greek, International, Latino Fellowship, Native Ministry, Nurses Christian Fellowship). This week national directors of Focused Ministries are meeting in Austin, Texas. Pray that their souls and calling would be refreshed and encouraged as they work on ways to contribute to the overall thriving and diversity of InterVarsity’s campus ministry.

As the 2018-2019 academic year begins, homemade cookies—thanks, volunteer bakers!—are a key evangelism tool for many InterVarsity chapters as we meet students through New Student Outreach (NSO). Also as classes get underway, and we begin the 2030 Calling, new InterVarsity campus fellowships are starting all over the country. Pray for NSO and new chapter plants to launch well.

Week of September 10

College freshmen, during their first few weeks of school, make decisions about friendships, what and how they are going to study, and other patterns that will follow them during their student years. Pray that students, regardless of their faith experiences, will be open to spiritual conversations and significant life decisions as God is at work on their campus.

As InterVarsity students begin the year, pray that they will engage with spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, taking Sabbaths, and regular church attendance. Ask that the Holy Spirit would prompt students to reach out in faith as a witness to their campus communities.

This month, Shaylen Hardy becomes InterVarsity’s Black Campus Ministries Director. A student leader and varsity athlete at Western Michigan University (WMU), Shaylen has served as a Campus Staff Minister at WMU and Michigan State. She was the Urbana 15 emcee and will be in that role for Urbana 18. Pray that God will equip Shaylen for the responsibilities of this new national leadership position.

Week of September 17

This semester, the InterVarsity chapter at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio is hosting Alpha videos (which explore the Christian faith in a friendly and open way) at their Large Group meetings. Pray that this evangelistic video series will connect with seekers, and that chapter members will develop relationships with unbelievers that will allow them to freely share their Christian faith.

All month, from coast to coast, InterVarsity staff are participating in a Day of Engagement as part of our 2030 Calling. Ask God to guide our steps as we travel prayerfully to unreached campuses, looking for people of peace to partner with us.

Approximately one million international students from across the globe come to US campuses to further their education. Many will become future world leaders. Pray for our International Student Ministry Director Marc Papai as he guides our outreach of hospitality and faith to this community.

Week of September 24

The Urbana 18 Student Missions Conference is just three months away. This fall, pray that students would respond to invitations and register to attend Urbana 18, December 27-31 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Pray for new student leaders for InterVarsity’s chapter for part-time business students at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. This fellowship group for MBA students is relatively new and needs momentum to grow and reach new students this fall.

Dennis Powell, Midwest Area Director for Graduate and Faculty Ministries, is looking to plant faculty fellowships in southern Illinois, southern Indiana, and western Kentucky, “so faculty can serve one another and honor Christ in their vocation.” Pray that God will guide Dennis to people who will connect him with Christian faculty on campuses in this area.