Week of June 4

This month concludes many InterVarsity Chapter Focus Weeks at camps across the country. Pray that God will continue his transforming work among these students as they return to their summer break.  For those students who made first-time decisions for Christ, ask the Lord to strengthen these new commitments to mark the beginning of a lifetime as faithful followers of Jesus.  

At California State University, Fresno, pray that God will multiply and deepen the Greek InterVarsity ministry that is being planted there. Thirteen students across multiple fraternities and sororities are actively involved in reaching 1,400 Greek students. Thank God for these students who are passionate about bringing the hope of Christ to the Greek system; pray that the Lord will use them to transform this corner of their campus.

As students leave campus for the summer, ask God to sustain the spiritual growth he began in their lives. Pray that students will connect with a local church where they can find community and continue to grow as mature believers while they are away from their chapters.

Week of June 11

God uses the publishing ministry of InterVarsity Press to equip both students and the wider church for spiritual growth and service. Pray that God would continue to give IVP staff the zeal to publish excellent Christian works, and for wisdom to know what titles will best serve God’s people. 

Part of InterVarsity’s legacy is a strong commitment to developing and launching student leaders. As summer begins, some chapters are preparing for a new generation of students to lead InterVarsity’s ministry on campus. Praise God for these new student leaders and pray that he will empower their spiritual growth and help them to wholeheartedly seek Christ’s kingdom on campus.   

For decades, God has been using InterVarsity’s Retreat and Training Centers (Campus by the Sea, Cedar Campus, and Toah Nipi) as places for both students, faculty, and families to be spiritually renewed in the beauty of creation. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bless the camps’ leaders and staff with joyfulness and diligence to serve those guests God brings to the camps during the summer.   

Week of June 18

Two InterVarsity students at North Carolina’s Wake Forest University have felt God calling them to step up and lead Bible studies next year. Praise God for their willingness to serve his mission on campus and pray that the Lord will help them lead their peers into deeper engagement with God’s Word. Pray for all fall semester small group leaders to trust God to use their Bible studies for sharing Christ’s love with more of the campus.

InterVarsity is finalizing a new national Strategic Plan for 2018-2022, that will act as a roadmap for the next four years of ministry. Thank the Lord for the wisdom, discernment, and prayerfulness that guided InterVarsity senior leaders in this process. Pray for the final decisions that still need to be made, and for  wisdom from our Board of Trustees as they consider its approval. 

This week is InterVarsity Link Orientation for 13 new staff ministers who are planning to serve universities and students worldwide. Pray that God would use this time to train, prepare, and equip these staff for the ministry ahead of them. Veteran InterVarsity Staff Ministers Laura and Kurt Thiel will lead the orientation; ask God to give them abundant energy to be able to lead effectively.  

Week of June 25

Many dozens of InterVarsity students are participating in summer ministries: Global Programs, Global Urban Treks, or Urban Programs. Pray that God would use these experiences to infuse them with fresh passion to advance the kingdom of God among marginalized people and places throughout the world. Ask the Lord to grant these students humility, sensitivity, and discernment as they serve in cross-cultural contexts.

This week, InterVarsity hosts two Breakthrough Events in Madison, Wisconsin: Orientation for New Staff (ONS), and the National Institute for Staff Education and Training (NISET). Pray that the logistics of both events will go smoothly so that attendees will get the full benefit of the events. For ONS, pray that the Lord would confirm the calling he has given to new staff to minister on campus.  And for NISET, ask God to use this time of training and study to strengthen staff ministry skills and amplify their work among students and faculty. 

InterVarsity’s Blue Ridge Faculty Conference is happening June 28-July 1. Pray that this gathering will be a time of spiritual encouragement as scholars share their experiences as Christians in academia. Also ask the Lord to use the conference to equip faculty and their families to be salt and light on campus.