Alumni and Staff Profiles

Gwen Wong was InterVarsity’s second Asian American staff member and was known throughout her adult life for her love of teaching inductive Bible study. She was also known at one time for her fastball.

Barbara Boyd was a key leader for generations of students, as the creator of InterVarsity’s popular Bible and Life program.

Ross Allen never quite found what he was looking for as a student at Kansas State. He became an InterVarsity Campus Staff Minister to help students like him.

Kyle and Danielle VanEtten met as new InterVarsity staff members and discovered they both considered campus ministry a "dream job."

By Katie Montei

Some of us have heard the stories – the cereal bar, the whimsically decorated cubicle and office spaces, the fun and games amidst the hard work; not to mention the animated films that have turned kiddy movies into art. 

By Jennifer Anderson

Alumni are bringing the varsity out of InterVarsity. For decades, InterVarsity has suffered through an identity crisis, being categorized as a ministry to athletes. “No, we’re not a sports group.”

By Gordon Govier

One of the four crew members of this month’s final space shuttle flight is Mission Specialist Rex Walheim, a University of California-Berkeley InterVarsity chapter alumnus.


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