Beyond Campus

By Adam Jeske

God knows you, loves you a lot, and wants to lead you. You should ask God where to go and then go.

By Brittany Small

“Brittany, are you going to Urbana?” asked my senior small group leader “I don’t know. It’s a lot of money, but I might sign up later,” I responded. That was freshman year. I never did sign up. Three years later, “Brittany, are you going to Urbana?” asked my staff-member. I replied, “Yeah, I’m all signed up!” 

By Ryan Gaffney

It’s been one week since my return to campus, fired up after InterVarsity’s first ever Ambition conference for chapter planting.

By Jessica Fick

When I started college, I made a study plan to ace my classes and connected with an InterVarsity chapter to grow spiritually. However as I sat in a “freshman success” seminar listening to the presenter explain the importance of caring for mind, bodies, and souls during college, I realized that I wasn’t quite clear on how to plan for making healthy choices on campus.

By Sarah Kirk

Moving half-way across the country brings more than just geographical changes.

By Amy Hauptman

“What is your major?” “What are you passionate about?” “What do you want to do after graduation?” These are the questions that college students are always being asked.

By Abi Christian

The Tonga Fellowship of Evangelical Students (TFES) is celebrating the birth of a new student movement! Earlier this year, four Christians felt God calling them to begin raising up Christian leaders who were biblically mature and passionate about the gospel. Six weeks later, over 100 students had gotten involved in their Wednesday lunchtime gatherings.

By Amy Hauptman

I – like most college graduates – will be “wearing my debt” for the next 5-20 years after graduation. 


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