Ethnicity, Reconciliation, & Justice

By Grace Biskie

I’ve been thinking a lot about money lately. Mostly how I’m a dirty, rotten spender. I have tremendous guilt surrounding the mismanagement of funds that I blame solely on growing up in a church focused on a lot of rules. 

By Emmie

The other day, I witnessed the most profound and moving act of worship I have ever seen. There were no words, no songs or musical instruments, no flashing lights and loud proclamations of the goodness of God.

By Autumn Rupkey

It’s been three years since my life was radically awakened. Three years since I got on a plane for twenty-four hours and got off in a completely different world. Three years since an Ethiopian coin was slammed down in front of me and an unforgettable phrase uttered...

By Abi Christian

Some of our InterVarsity colleagues met this week with World Vision staff to talk about faith, justice, and how we can work together to equip the next generation of leaders to follow Jesus with their whole lives.

By D.B.

Moving from the States to serve students in Bosnia & Herzegovina 2 1/2 years ago introduced me to countless different ways of doing life. 

By Gordon Govier

A year ago InterVarsity’s StudentSoul website featured an interview with Jeremy Lin, a Cousy award finalist who led Harvard to its winningest season ever.

By Abi Christian

Among all the things we’re called to care about as Christians, how crucial is racial reconciliation? In an interview with Student Soul, Paula Fuller, Director of Multiethnic Ministries, said...


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