Ethnicity, Reconciliation, & Justice

By Sarah Orner
Showing hospitality by sharing a meal is one of my favorite ways to serve others. But I learned a lesson from Jesus in hospitality while my husband, Kevin, and I were living in a rural community in Panama with the indigenous Ngäbe.
By Adam Jeske
The extended family, the neighbors, and everyone else within earshot smiled and walked over. Our friend, James, and his brothers grabbed the rooster and a butcher knife. One of them slit the throat. The proverbial chicken with its head cut off ran around for a minute before receiving the second insult of being hung from a tree to drain. A fire was kindled, water boiled, feathers plucked, guts gutted.
By Amy Hauptman

There is a time for righteous anger—the kind of anger that drives us to stand against injustice and blatant racism. For some of us, racism is a daily experience. For others, racism seems virtually uncommon. 

By Drew Larson

In 28 hours I can be in Thailand.  I just looked it up, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, although I use that term loosely (miracle, not Internet). Right this moment, I can book a flight from Chicago to Bangkok and be wheels-up to Thailand in six hours, carrying nothing with me except a messenger bag filled with beef jerky...

By Greg Chimitris

Money can be a confusing topic for us Christians. There are a lot of competing ideas out there about how we should use it. Conversations about it make us tense and uncomfortable.

By Chris Nielson

How often do we view our citizenship as a gift that we’ve been given to steward?

By Alice Lor

The year I graduated from law school turned out to be a momentous occasion for my relatives. That year, not only did I graduate from law school, but I also had one cousin graduate from law school and another graduate from pharmacy school. 


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