By Hilary K. Davis

In the Protestant tradition in which I grew up we did not practice Lent (though many Protestant denominations do), but as an adult I have come to love Lent as my favorite season of the church calendar. Here are 10 reasons why.

Leon Fillyaw works with Graduate and Faculty Ministries in Texas and surrounding states.

By Willie Krischke

I am not a good salesman. If I had to make a living selling things to people, I would probably starve.

By Alex Ly

I pray, read my Bible, serve, and go to Bible study. So why do I still struggle with sin?

InterVarsity Press is a key part of InterVarsity's ministry on campus and beyond.

One student decides to start something new at Rider University in New Jersey

By Paula Frances Price

I was in sixth grade and living in Saudi Arabia when terrorists bombed the Al Khobar Tower there. I felt the blast shake the neighborhood where I was babysitting at the time. When the smoke cleared from the building, where many kids from my elementary school lived, 19 Americans were dead, and nearly 500 people from many countries were injured.

Urbana 15 participants were challenged with the question, "What Story Will You Tell?"

Charlene Brown will begin her new duties in July 2016.

Why InterVarsity chose to address #BlackLivesMatter at Urbana 15.