Jason Thomas

Executive Vice President, Field Ministry
Chief Campus Ministry Officer

Jason Thomas became involved with InterVarsity at Western Michigan University, after growing up as a second-generation South Asian American in the Detroit metro area. Jason was a student leader with InterVarsity at Western Michigan University at a time when the chapter grew from 25 to 350 students. He is passionate and innovative, with strong leadership experience. He graduated with a degree in accounting and worked as a CPA with Ernst & Young for five years.

But Jason sensed a call to pursue kingdom significance rather than worldly success. His first role with InterVarsity was as a volunteer while working in his CPA job. He later became a Campus Staff Minister, and then Area Director, Regional Director, and National Field Director. Now, as InterVarsity's Chief Campus Ministry Officer, Jason's focus is on leading InterVarsity's mission to students and faculty.

For half of his 18-year career with InterVarsity, Jason had the privilege of partnering with his wife, Andrea, as Co-Area Directors in West Michigan and as Co-Regional Directors in Red River (Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas). As the Red River RDs, they formed a high-caliber Regional Leadership Team that led a turnaround effort which improved the fruitfulness, morale, financial health, ethnic diversity, and geographic breadth of the region.
Jason served as the National South Asian American Coordinator for 10 years, supporting InterVarsity’s emerging South Asian ministry, mentoring South Asian staff at various levels of InterVarsity leadership, and producing three transformative SAIV Leadership Institutes. He also earned a Master of Arts in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary.
Jason and Andrea have been married for 25 years. Andrea is InterVarsity's Director of Senior Leadership Development and a breast cancer survivor. They recently moved from Austin, Texas, back to the Midwest, to Madison, Wisconsin. Jason loves to play basketball, read leadership books, travel to visit friends, play strategy games, and watch his three children perform in choir concerts and sporting events.