May 28, 2003

Everyone tries to find love in their relationships, but we need to look to Jesus to find the love our hearts long for. This was the message during an outreach event hosted by InterVarsity students at Oakland University-Rochester, MI.

May 28, 2003

They shall know that we are Christians by our love for one another. Some International students saw this when they dipped into an Urban Project at California State University- Fresno.

May 19, 2003

Dan Harrison, former Vice President of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA and past Director of the Urbana Student Mission Convention, passed away Sunday May 18, 2003.

May 14, 2003
This is the ninth in a series of articles about InterVarsity’s twelve Core Commitments. Core Commitment #9: Whole Life Stewardship. We proclaim Jesus as Lord over all creation and culture, striving to integrate faith, life and vocation in serving Him.
May 2, 2003

Core Commitment #9 We proclaim Jesus as Lord over all creation and culture...

April 24, 2003

Herbert, a student at the University of Texas-San Antonio, decides he wants to cross the bridge and accept Christ.