By Ryan Pfeiffer

Anonymity Assured

Want to know what’s creating the buzz on the University of California—San Diego campus this week? It’s a secret. InterVarsity’s Divisional Director Ryan Pfeiffer reports:

“From 10am to 10pm our students are hosting an outreach where students anonymously post a secret they have never told anyone before in their life. (I was raped. I had an abortion. I’m having sex. I am gay. I ran over a cat. etc.)

“Over 200 secrets posted in the first day. 15-20 GIGs (short Bible discussions geared for non-believers) have already happened in just one day.

“This outreach is right out front of the library in the center of campus. Tons of students crowding in all day. Please pray for captives to be set free! Pray for believers to be bold and loving and for non-believers to come to faith!”

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