By Kelly Aalseth

Can God Help with Homework? Asking for Wisdom in Daily Life

I once took a peek into my dad’s prayer journal. He‘d written the question, God, how do I help Kelly with her math homework today?

I chuckled to think that I was perhaps so bad at math that my dad had to go to God for help. But as I flipped through the pages of his journal, math homework wasn’t the only thing he was asking God about. No subject was off limits: How far should I run today? How do I fix this software program? How can I help Sandy worry less today? What can I talk about to my friends on my long carpool ride?

When we think of asking God for wisdom, we often think about consequential decisions like pursuing relationships and career choices. We picture God speaking to us in ciphered messages hoping that we will be smart enough to decode the right answer.

But when God gives us wisdom, he’s often less concerned about us picking the one right answer and more concerned with who we’re becoming and how we‘re relating to him and to others. He loves to talk with us! And the more we become familiar with conversing with him about the small things in life, the less scary it is to listen to God for the bigger things.

James 1:5 says: “But anyone who needs wisdom should ask God, whose very nature is to give to everyone without a second thought, without keeping score. Wisdom will certainly be given to those who ask.” God loves to talk to you about everything. There is no topic that is off limits to him. He will generously give you wisdom in every area of your life—if you take a moment to ask and listen.

I’ve been taking a page out of my dad’s book and have been practicing asking God for wisdom. Today I opened my journal and wrote my unfiltered questions to God: Who should I invite to lead a meeting? What should I prioritize today? What things do I need to let go of emotionally? How do I find clothes that fit me that don’t break my bank? Why was I bothered by that Instagram post? What part of my research paper needs the most editing? What have you been saying to me that you want me to remember?

For every question, God gave wisdom. With some of my questions, he gave me a specific idea. With others, he just wanted to talk me through it and help me become more aware of what really mattered.

As school gets more hectic, as you balance work and extracurriculars and family and friendships, what’s your list of questions for God? In what small and big areas of your life are you wanting wisdom? Take time to ask God your questions and listen. He will be generous with you.

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I honestly am struggling with turning in ALL my homework and I am really behind on homework... I honestly can ask God for help with homework, and ask for wisdom when I am doing homework.

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