By Rachel Kuhn

Moped Meet-up

Rachel and Dustin

As I drove to school to start our week of New Student Outreach, I prayed for divine encounters. God was listening and I did not have to wait long for a response. As I passed a guy on a moped, I felt God say to me, “You are going to talk with him today.” I glanced at the guy’s brown shirt so I’d know what to look for.

A couple hours later, I was walking through the cafeteria when I passed a guy with a brown shirt and a Christian book sitting atop his binder. I started a conversation with him, and next thing I knew, “Dustin” was following me back to the InterVarsity table.

I asked Dustin to join us in meeting new students. For the rest of the morning, he hung out with us at our table, inviting students to get connected with InterVarsity. He did it with such confidence and gusto that I couldn’t believe he had just met us. He even called his band members who also congregated around our table.

On Tuesday night, Dustin came to a “Calling Party” I hosted where seven students helped me follow-up with our new contacts. Dustin couldn’t stop telling me how excited he was. If I hadn’t invited him to be a part of God’s mission, he would have spent his four hours of free time between classes texting his friends and playing computer games.

He had been asking God for an opportunity to be a part of God’s mission and then he met us. Pray that God will use students like Dustin powerfully this year to draw other students into God’s mission.

 Rachel Kuhn serves as an InterVarsity campus staff member at Shasta College in Redding, California.

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