By Gordon Govier

Name Changes and Game Changers

studentsA campus ministry is changing its name, a name it has been known by for decades. We send best wishes to our colleagues at Campus Crusade for Christ, which will be known officially as Cru beginning in 2012.

On many U.S. college campuses, staff from both InterVarsity and Cru — as it’s already popularly known on many campuses — are diligently at work, sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We operate independently, except in the case of major campus-wide outreaches such as the Price Of Life Invitational, held at Ohio State University in April 2010.

The question is often asked: what’s the difference between InterVarsity and Campus Crusade? Our corporate personalities are quite different. While InterVarsity focuses mainly on campus ministry, Campus Crusade for Christ has a variety of outreaches that includes campus ministry. InterVarsity traditionally relies more heavily on student leadership. And there are other differences, particulary on a campus by campus basis.

But both of our ministries desire to see students and faculty come to know Jesus Christ personally and be transformed by the power of the gospel message. How we pursue that vision varies on each campus. Forty years ago, the leaders of InterVarsity, Campus Crusade, and several other campus ministries came together to sign an agreement that defined our non-competitive commitment to campus ministry. Just a few months ago that agreement was updated, and more groups signed on.

InterVarsity and Campus Crusade both believe that the campus is an important location for Christian outreach because today’s college students are tomorrow’s leaders. We believe God is already at work on campus, in the lives of students and faculty; our purpose is to follow Him and join in that work. There are 18 million college students in the U.S., and the work of reaching them with the gospel is more than enough for any one campus ministry organization to handle.

For all of these reasons, we offer best wishes to Campus Crusade (Cru) on this step forward for their ministry.


On a day when we've received both encouraging responses and also concern generated by media reports, I appreciate your affirmation. Even more I appreciate your understanding that we are not changing our unswerving commitment to Jesus and to the gospel. We are privileged to stand sid by side with you to proclaim Jesus and to help connect people to all that he is and that he offers. Mike Adamson Campus Crusade for Christ

Thanks Gordon for the post. May both of our organization's names exist only to lift up the one name Jesus! For King and Kingdom

As a Cru staff member, I want to thank you so much for your kind support at this important time in our ministry! May God continue to bless IVF, and our partnership with you, as we work together to bring the love of Christ to a dying world.

We (as cru staff members and as friends of many InterVarsity staff) are so grateful for the shared passion and purposes of these 2 organizations. And, we thank you for your support of cru and its intentions! May God's name continue to be praised, may people's lives continue to be touched by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and may Christians continue to grow towards the kind of unity evidenced here in this article!

I just want to echo other Cru staffer's comments of thanks. I am currently raising support to work with Cru and I struggled with many negative responses from people and ministries alike. IV's support in this is encouraging and even reading this a few months past the initial announcement it is encouraging to hear a supportive and positive response. Thank you. By God's grace we can all continue to reach students with the message of Christ!

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