Spiritual Formation

By Jen Herrmann

A friend of mine once went to an evangelism training seminar for campus ministers where they were asked to share the gospel with each other to practice. 

By Linson Daniel

I remember sitting next to the bed of one of my mentors and holding her hand as she was dying of cancer. 

By Julia Powers

“I’m good.” “It’s all good.” “Good news!” The word good is our default for anything vaguely positive. But what do we mean when we talk about goodness? 

By Jessica Fick

Eyeing the sugary variety before me, I would survey all the confections in the glass cases. Lush caramels speckled with almonds. Sugar-coated pastel dots of licorice. 

By Amber Nelson

During my first year in college, my friend Suzanne and I used to sit in her room and encourage ourselves with Paul’s words on singleness (oddly, from the King James): “Art thou free of a husband? Seek not a husband!” 


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