Campus Ministry

I don’t think I would have gone back if it hadn’t been for Kelli and her enthusiastic invitation — and because we were wearing the same shoes.

At most colleges students move out of the dorms after their freshman year and never look back. Granted, the experience of living in a dorm can be a blast, but in general it's not hard to say goodbye; no more unknown roommate, no more boring meal plans, no more cramped quarters. But moving back into the dorms is exactly what a group of students from University of Wisconsin—Madison's InterVarsity chapter is doing.

Decisions that students make during their first few weeks on campus often set a trajectory for their entire college experience; that's why InterVarsity invites new students into our witnessing communities on campus through New Student Outreach.

When Sophia began her first campus assignment she was confronted with the culture shock of working on a commuter campus

Very little in college coursework prepares us for leadership. It’s easier just to be a member of the group.


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