Campus Ministry

"Dr. Clarke has modeled leadership, faithfulness, courage, and compassion for many years in this chapter. As a volunteer she has done what full-time staff were not able to do."

Three atheists, one agnostic and one Christian hold a frank discussion at the University of Washington

Students at Columbia College began gender-specific discipleship groups out of a desire to increase accountability

Campus Staff Member Laura Vellenga honed her big picture perspective as a member of her high school debate team

Perhaps it is easier to offer grace when we understand the temptations that college students often face. At many schools there are a plethora of party options on the weekends, where sex is sometimes as casual as a handshake.

Flames, smoke, disruption, and anxiety defined life in southern California in October, as raging wildfires forced the temporary evacuation of over a half million residents. So when the time for InterVarsity's annual fall conference arrived, November 9-11, San Diego's InterVarsity ministry team was apprehensive.


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