All Adryahna wanted were true friendships, but what she found was so much more. 

Orientation of New Staff builds solidarity and grounds new staff with basics of campus ministry

InterVarsity's Black Campus Ministry invited students to meet in Atlanta in December

The integration of faith and vocation, the foundation underlying InterVarsity's Following Christ 2008 conference, was promoted at the conference in the Bosscher-Hammond awards competition.

In the midst of a world that doesn't currently seem to be flourishing, the aspiration to flourish burns even more brightly. InterVarsity's Following Christ 2008 conference focused on being as fully human as we are designed to be.

InterVarsity's Following Christ 2008 conference focused on careers that matter

God gave us occupations to serve others, to support ourselves and our families, and to allow us to express ourselves through our gifts and talents. His purpose is for each of us to flourish in our occupation as we interact with one another. Are you flourishing?

Ernie Balajthy teaches students how to be teachers. But he also believes it’s important to help Christians to be “salt and light,” as Jesus instructed, in the field of public education.

The human desire to flourish is as old as the biblical story of creation. The creation story in Genesis records that God instructed Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. But the Fall changed everything.

Staff Conference 08 reaffirmed InterVarsity’s call to evangelism on campus. "Staff Conference was truly a blessing. God's presence was with us, focusing our mission for ministry on campus and unifying us in love for one another," said Alec Hill, president of InterVarsity.


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