International students

InterVarsity students find practical ways to serve internationals on campus.

International Student Ministry helps welcome students to America, and sometimes into God's family

Normally, Dunn Meadow serves as a low-key backyard for Indiana University students throwing Frisbees or finishing up class assignments. But on a Saturday night in early September, Dunn Meadow shook with the sounds of Nigerian, Taiwanese and other world music, 200 enthusiastic students grooving to new beats and glow sticks lighting up the night sky.

InterVarsity staff who work with international students get to try exotic foods. They develop friendships with students from almost every continent. And sometimes they are talking with the future leaders of countries that restrict Christian ministry.

InterVarsity's International Student Ministry proclaims the gospel throughout the world without leaving the local campus.

When Joy returned to Knox College in the fall, she approached some students in InterVarsity wanting to know more about Jesus Christ

They can put a human face on a cold university and play a key role in a student's success


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