InterVarsity alumni

A short time after his father's death, Joe was sitting on the water's edge in front of his parent's home, and as he says, "I gave myself an evangelistic sermon, complete with an altar call. I responded to that altar call, making Jesus my Lord and Savior."

Frank Stenzel retired from InterVarsity staff in June of 2006. This was the culmination of a long relationship with InterVarsity that began in 1959 when Frank entered California State University-Chico as a freshman.

We have read the news: religious believers are being imprisoned and tortured, women are being sexually assaulted and often denied an education. We read and are concerned but what can we do? Public servants like Jean Geran, who are also people of faith, have the privilege and the opportunity to work for justice in some of these situations.

During the summers Randy worked for an engineering firm where he learned to apply the problem-solving methods he had learned in the classroom. But even as he worked as an engineer, moving toward his career goal, Randy saw more and more that money and materialism would never truly fulfill his life.

As a director of the President's Council on Asian and Pacific Island Initiatives, Jimmy Lee (U of I, 1999) is an influential decision-maker in Washington DC.

When Benton James left home to attend college, he had missed his family, but found Christian fellowship in InterVarsity. That fellowship taught him lessons that he carried into his life after college.

Artist Mary Melikian remembers the Bible study habits she learned as a college student decades ago, because she still practices them.

Gordon Van Wylen was a student in InterVarsity 60 years ago. What he learned transformed him for his service as a faculty member and a college president.


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