InterVarsity alumni

T.R. Carr was planning a career in public service in state or local government, as he attended Minot State University. His major was Public Administration. But observing John Wilson, the faculty adviser of the Minot State InterVarsity chapter, T.R. saw a different perspective on service, the opportunity to influence the lives of young men and women by being a Christian faculty member at a public university.

Knowing they were facing a huge transition in life that would take them away from their college support network, these four guys were encouraged by their pastor to make a serious commitment to stick together-not just as friends, but as accountability brothers.

Dallas Willard was teaching Philosophy classes and working on his PhD when he became actively involved with InterVarsity at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He described finding an organization on campus committed to seriously seeking God as a "tremendous relief."

While Jim returned to his hometown from college with his career path mapped out, he brought back with him something he hadn't planned on, a global perspective on the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Marlene Nathan attended Case Western Reserve University to prepare for a career in social work. But her involvement with InterVarsity was better preparation for what she's doing now, leading women's ministry at the world's largest Vineyard Church.

Fifteen years ago Adam White helped started an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter for students at the University of Chicago Business School. Today he works with Christian artists and testifies before Congress as he continues to follow God's leading in his life.


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