Ministry in Daily Life

In today's world, many people talk as if truth and love are incompatible. In courtrooms and classrooms, in taverns and town meetings, truth and love are talked about as opposite values—truth being intellectual and rational; love, emotional and nonrational. More than just temperamentally different, truth and love, like adult siblings grown apart, are said to have gone their different ways. Both accuse each other of incivility.

Vocations, careers, jobs, and work flow from the primary calling. Although our secular-minded friends, family, and neighbors wish it were not so, there is no calling without a Caller. Because there is a Caller, you have a calling.

Pete Hammond was a unique human being. Friend. Mentor. Entrepreneur. Author. Rascal. Anyone who ever heard his laugh will never forget it. And Pete laughed a lot.

Jimmy Lee is still close to the Wall Street world where he worked for many years. But now his focus is on different worlds: the worlds of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

The integration of faith and vocation, the foundation underlying InterVarsity's Following Christ 2008 conference, was promoted at the conference in the Bosscher-Hammond awards competition.

InterVarsity mourns the loss of Pete Hammond, a creative and gifted senior executive

Christians are challenged to move beyond the culture wars and become culture creators.

Jen Albrecht, Convention Facilities Manager for Urbana 06, InterVarsity's 2006 Student Missions Convention in St. Louis, has been selected as Meeting Professional of the Year by the Association for Convention Operations Management.


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